Thursday, February 4, 2010

I am now a contributing writer on Women Of Esoterica!

Regan Lee, lemme tell ya, man. She is the bomb. First she praises my honesty and amazement for talking about my experiences to the high hills (I didn't even pay her or nuthin'!) HERE, then she invites me to join her roster of esteemed writers on her blog Women Of Esoterica. (I accepted, just in case the title of this post didn't give it away.)

For those of you not in the know, Regan Lee is an experiencer and writer as well on Binnall of America, as well as having written on far more sites and articles than I can fit into here as she currently owns and operates about ten blogs, all very active, revolving around the paranormal; all equally interesting.

I think she's also been interviewed by all the top shows in the country that cover the subject (The usual: Coast to Coast AM, probably Whitley Strieber's Unknown Country, etc etc- actually I don't know, but she should be interviewed by them if she hasn't already been, at any rate!).

Anyhoo, I will include the link to WoE in the links section. Feel free to swim around that blog, the water's really nice if you dig this sort of thing.


  1. Thanks Anya, but I have to say that I've never been interviewed by C2C or Streiber! Looking forward to your involvement with WOE. . .

  2. But - She has been interviewed by ME!


  4. Congratulations Anya! Can't wait to start reading your posts. Your interview with Andy Troy is now available on Centanni; I enjoyed listening. Maybe one of your next posts can be about the various groups you mentioned in your interview (hint, hint.)

  5. Thanks, guys!

    It's a crime you haven't been interviewed by the big guns, Regan. Time will tell, though.

    And thanks Musing Egret for the info re: the Centanni Link, will post it asap

    xo A-

  6. The Andy Troy interview thing...

    I found the show

    Go to to THIS site:

    scroll down, and CLICK ON:

    ANDY TROY show 2/1/2010