Sunday, February 7, 2010

Stand up and get crunk.

Today I was in Target trying to decide if I should get the Burt's Bees Grapeseed and Milk extract hand creme or the Burt's Bees Cola Nut and Shay Butter Hand renewal creme (it's hand-chappingly cold up here in New York, y'all!), and I suddenly got this overwhelming feeling that the New Orleans Saints would win the Superbowl. The feeling also told me they would win by four, but whatever. This is the THIRD major sports event I haven't even tried to bet on that I have been right about and I don't even know who is who.

I am so happy for the city of New Orleans, MAN I love that city. I am so glad they are getting their heart back that was so stomped on after it was ripped out. FYI, if you want a good time, go there. It is impossible to have a bad meal or a bad time in that joint. If I could buy real estate and live there part of the year I would, levy break or no--  it's just that good.

Congrats to all involved!

This video is hilarious. Just thought I'd add it.


  1. I kid you not, I too was at Target today, looking at Burt's Bees hand stuff!

    Good for the Patriots, and I'm not even a sports fan.

  2. LOL- WOWWWWWWWWW cool! Maybe we were both looking at the SAME TIME, that would be even more bizarro!

  3. Hey Anya,

    Your feeling about winning by 4 is correct.
    You just have to put the scuba gear on and dive a 'lil deeper near the root.

    The score : 31-17




  4. Woah! Freaky! Didn't think about the numerology component to all of this, lol

    Thanks, Matt!