Monday, February 22, 2010

Me on the Tiho show!

This is about the most crazy, European, Fellini-esque interview I think I will ever do. This is the interview I shot in late October of last year and is just now getting to me via my friend on Youtube. I particularly like the part where I am talking about something serious, and he decides in the editing process to juxtapose the frame of me talking with an image of him dressed like an 18th century Italian royal guard. I later found out he was using this particular episode to shop around to producers, one of whom is Branko Lustig, one of the producers for Schindler's List! I had no idea that was the case at all, and interestingly enough, I brought up Speilberg's name in a "coincidence" that was pretty funny-- Tiho told me Spielberg and Lustig are pretty tight and live about six blocks away from each other, I wonder if the director himself saw this as well??? Who knows. But if either of you gentlemen are reading this by some crazy offchance that you would, option the rights to my story already! I'm gettin' tired of hustlin' this tale around... ;-)

I am sad that I didn't really get to talk about what I really wanted to discuss, which was the secret space program, but judging by the format of the show, one of the producers said "let's not blow people's minds *too* much, shall we?" (Tiho already had the questions he wanted to ask me.)

Tiho is great, this is the guy who gave me two images of the beings I see, namely Aya my Pleiadian guide, as well as having painted images of 
time portals I create. The fact that he channeled through painting what I see and experience is phenomenally strange and not a coincidence I think.


  1. Wow ~ awesome. Your appearance on that show can only connect to other similar authentic experiences.

  2. When seeing the YouTube fragment in your post, what's up with your hand? Are you giving him the finger?