Friday, February 1, 2013

I've seen that look before

I know this person as well and he too has also harassed me/been abusive.
Going to the police precinct in about an hour to show them his text messages he sent to me.
He's also involved with psi warfare and grew up near Camp Hero.

Good luck "eating my flesh" from jail, Chris.


  1. The first one looks stoned on cannabis. The second one is on methamphetimines and it looks like there's nobody home.

    Both are frightened and unhappy people indeed. Likely want to find someone else to blame for their miserable lives, anyone but themselves of course.

    I hear on infowars that guns are banned in NY. Too bad.get one anyway and learn how to use it well.
    I saw that clip where that guy was attcked on the tube by a knife weilding POS while 2 cops who had guns hid behind the door and did nothing but watch.

    My thought are with you, all the way from Dunedin New Zealand. Please look after yourself. Do you really have to live in NY city? Can't you be happy somewhere a bit safer, less corrupt place where people actually care about each other?