Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Read it and weep. I know I did.

Call me crazy (it's never stopped you before), but isn't this real? Or is it Memorex?
Leaders? Team players? People who supposedly have my back?

Because I'm looking at an article...on the web... and it's quite possibly not made up at all!
Nor is it done for "attention"!
(Maybe it's a disinformation agent!)

From the blog post attached to original article:
This technology has potential for a wide array of applications. It could even be the breakthrough needed to create the the first long-imagined artificial intelligence network.
However, given the association between the University and the Federal Government’s Department of Homeland Security, and related studies on terrorism, which is constantly being used as an excuse to chip away at the civil liberties and constitutional rights of US citizens, my bets are the Feds will use this in the war on terror before they try using it for good.
That means the potential for misuse to enact a true Orwellian-style “thought police” and even the ability to implement complete mind control among hosts.

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