Saturday, February 2, 2013

Teen Who Sang at Inauguration Shot and Killed


  1. I live in Australia where we have very strict gun laws and people get shot (or threatened)on a weekly basis over here -

    And that was just the other day in the main street of my hometown Brisbane.
    You can only hope things change,but life is
    (or seems) random and bad things will happen to good people unfortunately.
    One of my friend's sisters got a bullet in the head when she was touring Thailand in a random shooting and he and his father had to fly over to turn her life-support off.

    So I can well understand this lady's pain at these random acts of violence,but they are and will be hard to avoid in life unfortunately.

  2. To prove my point this happened right after I posted this comment -

    I used to work right near here and even have visited friends who used to rent units in this complex,maybe even the one the woman was shot in ?
    Unfortunately these things happen and there's not much that can be done about it no matter how hard we would like to think we can stop it.