Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Throw these architects in the brig!


Not just because of the trouble they continually attempt to cause me, but now this:
The dolphins in San Diego may have been remote controlled. Some kind of Naval/Marine based testing going on with space-based weapons/satellite involvement. This is not entirely natural. There's some kind of war going on involving the environment and it seems the negatives may have been involved. Their internal compasses are wrong. Something is wrong with the dolphins internal anchor/navigational systems. This is very strange and not straight out what it seems like which may be earthquake related, although they do go out in pods like that when there is an earthquake, there's some kind of faultline activity that is possibly being manipulated by tech. Weather war tech at work here. Possibly mind control technology to boot. HAARP can be one and the same but this is something different, something new and more powerful. Frightening applications for nature.
It's being used by the Navy primarily but not just by them. Private contractors are standing by the ready licking their chops too.

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