Friday, May 3, 2013

Prediction - Airplane crash with U.S. Officials on board in Spring of 2014

Note: Many of you are finding me via a disinformation blog called "Former White Hat". FWH is an amalgam of disinfo agents, including, but not limited to, a man by the name of Michael Hemmingson. Guest contributors have also included Michael Prince, aka James Casbolt. While I can excuse the ongoing disinfo and smear campaign against me by Prince/Casbolt due to mental illness, I cannot excuse the actions of Hemmingson.  I am clearly not a member of the "black cabal" nor am I their "Illuminati puppet". If anything, I abhor this. I hate that I feel a need to mention this as a note, but some of you are too damned gullible for your own good. As always, use discernment. Don't believe me if you don't want to, I pray I am wrong in this below listed prediction, but I swear on all I hold dear, whatever fallibility I own is through honest mistakes and not the deliberate malice of someone as delusional and sick as Michael Hemmingson or Prince. Blessings, Anya

- Plane crash with US officials on board, legal/law related, could be a US Marshal and/or Judge on board

- Happens within the first four months of the new year, 2014, most likely in March or if not,
 in the spring of 2014.

- Crash happens on or around:

- San Pedro, Espanola, New Mexico or near the San Pedro River in Arizona
- A place in New Mexico or Arizona with salt flats (Death Valley?) or with the name Salt in it
- Northern New Mexico
- A northern central road
- New Mexico/Arizona border
- Near a desert springs or near a business or area called "Desert Springs" (California?)
- Palm Desert (California?)
- A river in Arizona or New Mexico

- Plane coming from or containing people from possibly Oklahoma, Texas, or Washington, DC going west (to California?) May be coming from Washington, DC, or have representatives aides from there on board

- U.S. Official like a Judge on board

- Court case surrounding deaths of this will involve the Environmental Protection Agency for some reason

- Don't know how this relates yet, but there is something to do either in transit or revolving around a court case having to do with either:

- Land mass

- Land rights

- Land negotiations

- Possible whistleblowing?

- Someone on board was in process of going to a "crowd hearing" (class action lawsuit?)

- Possibly a famous person inside plane, connected to law somehow

This may be a downed plane on purpose because of incriminating testimony that a person was either about to give or was waiting to give to the people on board (possible whistleblower testimony)

The phrase "field parts" as in heavy farm equipment or heavy machinery may be involved/connected to this somehow as is the phrase "Highway grounds".

The plane is small, a 29 seater? At most it is medium-size, not huge. Have no idea what to compare it to as I am not an expert on aviation, but at most it holds only a modest amount of people on board. Might be a commuter jet.

See the color red with triangle shapes associated with the company who owns the jet. Don't see the logo, but the color is red.

The song "I've Got A Name" by Jim Croce is associated somehow with this crash.
The lyrics "Rollin' me down the highway/ Movin' ahead so life won't pass me by" show up
 and I hear that part of the song affiliated with this incident.

- 1-9 fatalities

- If there are any survivors, one or more of them will be in a neck brace and/or in traction for a minimum of 6 months to a year.

Can't pick up any names directly from this yet, but names involved with this case sound like "Door", "Doorman", "Dorchester",  "Dart" - if there is a last name, it might be something like "Dohrer".


  1. Lockerbie 1988, 9/11 2001 - thirteen years apart, three months back, next one due July 1st 2014.