Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Era of Private Space Travel is Just Beginning - New York Magazine article

"This is not a rendering. It is a launching pad in the New Mexico desert for rocket planes that will send you into space for $200,000. It opens later this year."

I am concerned that this "sudden" influx of PR for space tourism has a darker side to it than is being published. As mentioned here: and here: at least one, possibly more of these guys who own this type of company is not driving the car.  

I am afraid that your worst sci-fi horror movie fantasies are about to come true. As in films and television shows like V, Alien, Species, The Host, Predator, They Live, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, etc., etc., the genre relies on the idea of stealth takeover rather than overt. Invasion from within is the name of the game in these things. 

I wonder if all these years this has been part of a predictive program ( as well. 

I don't think we can blame Project Bluebeam and a "false" "staged" alien invasion what with the onslaught of space tourism to come and then the inevitable? Where a billionaire in a space flight films a UFO or (God forbid) one of these vehicles is "shot down" by an "alien craft"? Which then prompts a (staged) unveiling? A massive event? Where someone prominent whom the media latches onto and who admits with verifiable proof to the ET engagement with the human species right before the majority of humanity is led off to concentration camps for re-education and God knows what else? 

The timing of the Citizen's Hearing on Disclosure combined with the fact that many of the speakers and the organizer himself Stephen Bassett attended the Elon Musk mind control free-for-all last fall, combined with this space tourism/co-joint PR blitz about Mars colonization that seems to be occurring is quite frankly FREAKING ME OUT.

Now, the invasion is already here and has been here for decades. The people in power are not running the show. The people in power aren't even human, so the idea that this "false flag ET invasion" as mentioned by Werner von Braun to Carol Rosin on his death bed seems a bit naive now to say the least. But this buildup to-- something-- seems staged and orchestrated, and whenever that happens, I get nervous. And a buildup of insanity and people not owning themselves as well seems to be creating some kind of collaborative relationship here:

You are already being invaded. You are already being assaulted on multiple levels. At what point do you stand up and announce your sovereignty? At what point do you fight? It doesn't stop until you put your foot down, ladies and gentlemen. I hope to see a rise in people in the exorcism industry: not just priests, but healers, skeptics, scientists, all working together to try and solve this plight. I see people awakening en masse if we can collectively speak to each other in languages we can understand and if not, be able to translate that language across multiple platforms so everybody finally can see what's going on with a cold, clear, calm eye and finally, once and for all, get on the same page of empowerment.  

This is a warning: You have to own yourself. If you don't, you will die.  Sure, if you are "owned" by one of these things, your heart might still beat for another 30 or 40 years or so, but you will be dead inside. Own yourself. That involves releasing negative programs you have about yourself and re-structuring your DNA so that you don't let this sort of parasitic organism try to take you over again. You need to realize, respect, and remove the programs you have been mind controlled with all your life. Everyone has them. They might not be as dramatic as the ones that have been placed in me and others like me, but they are just as insidious and real and dangerous and lurking. Look around you. See all the people on auto-pilot plugged into something electronic so they don't have to have a real interaction with someone. Ownership of yourself is so important. It's the only thing that matters right now for any real progress and freedom and ending of enslavement to happen. 

It involves making those around you potentially uncomfortable. It involves not following the party line. It involves standing up for your convictions and saying you aren't going to accept the terms given to you. It involves being a stick-in-the-mud and risking appearing "difficult" and "unfashionable". 

So many of you aren't willing to do that. So many of you are lemmings, ladies and gentlemen. I am sorry, but it's true. So many of you think you have so much at stake and to lose if you do that, but what you fail to recognize is that nothing is more important than your soul. Nothing. Nada. Nichts. 

Remember that, even if you don't believe it or recognize it now. When the time comes, you will see what that means. If you have decided it's too late, guess what: it is. 

Stand up and fight for your rights, for your sovereignty.


  1. Thank you Anya, you are spot on. It is high time to stand up for our freedoms and our sovereignty in a way like never before. The magnitude of this situation is incredible and unlike anything we've faced before. The frustrating thing is that so many refuse to comprehend or see the situation for what it is clearly. Regardless, the process is well under way. It starts with clearing out our own house first and setting a pioneering example. Thank you for all that you report. It's nice to know there are others out there. Much Love! :-)

  2. Thank you, Eliot, I do appreciate your kind words. Everyone has to work together now to get the word out and raise consciousness. Awareness is key. Getting people to do something about issues "they have no control over" is another thing entirely. I only can speak to my experiences as truthfully and as in integrity as possible.

    There are a lot of false people stepping forward now who have to get right with themselves and with God about what it is they are doing. That is not my work or yours to do, only to point a light on wrong doers to lend focus on what it is they are doing and saying and then point to solutions of how to keep people aware and critically alert to this skullduggery so that they find discernment.