Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Predictive Programmed Purge?


This movie looks really dumb, by the way. 

But the "Nothing is ever going to be okay again" line followed by a release date of  May 31 is troubling, because I was thinking around Memorial Day weekend 2013 a false flag could happen, mentioned in a recent post here:

and here:

Interesting that this film is called "The Purge". 

The title for me couldn't help but bring to mind other "purges" throughout history: 

 I also find it interesting that the filmmakers and distributors decided upon this
topic to greenlight, this way to edit the trailer and promote the film, a movie about
 a home invasion on a state-sanctioned day of crime that promotes a virtually unemployment-free world as a result while "America the Beautiful" plays in
the background.

Order through chaos.

Not sayin', just sayin'.

UPDATE: 10 hours later:



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  1. I pick up vibes off trailers and the last time I felt like this was when I watched the dark knight rises trailer. That didn't end well.

    I also concur with your assessment that it looks really dumb.