Friday, May 3, 2013

The blog post where I trash remote viewing and the industry around it

  Why you should never trust any ex-military intel person who teaches remote viewing:


Cathi Morgan shares her brave and excellent research into the covert and/or illegal use of LSD and other mind altering drugs on unwitting and unwilling human test subjects and most of the architects of these programs conveniently enough were also pioneers and advocates of the fields of remote viewing and espionage.

If remote viewers are such good prognosticators, then why don't they do what I do for a living instead of just teaching the highest bidder, regardless of their intentions or scruples, how to do remote viewing? 

And if everyone is such a good remote viewer, then why aren't any of these people being taught these techniques doing what I do? Where are their accurate predictions? 

Oh, maybe it's because what they are doing is not really the best form of clairvoyance or any sort of useful mechanism for predicting future events. Maybe it's something else. 

Not to talk smack, but if being taught the remote viewing protocol is all it takes to be psychic, we'd all be doing what I do. And YET... there aren't any stepping forward who I know besides the military guys who haven't gotten anything right publicly in the last 15 or 20 years. 

Whatever happened to the RVers who said they'd seen the future and "didn't see anything after 2012"? 

How many remote viewers predicted the Boston bombing? There's just a lot of holes that appear with the cult of remote viewing that so conveniently gets lumped in with psychic ability that I have not been able to integrate any of easily, if at all. 

Remote viewing is just spying.

It is not the end all, be all, and is not a useful indicator or predictor of future events.
It is not the magic bullet. It is not the ultimate Swiss Army Knife of psychic tools. 

Otherwise, the Powers That Be wouldn't need to abduct me from my home at gunpoint, drug me and drag me from my home. Me, a civilian with no aspirations towards the military at all, spirited away to an underground facility to be used as some kind of Jean Grey for their nefarious purposes.

If remote viewing was already something the military could perfect and repeatedly use with successful results, then they'd already have their own Jean Greys doing it on the payroll. But they don't. They have to crowd source for the really terrifyingly talented ones.

 And of course they didn't abduct me and use me just for remote viewing purposes if they already do have an army of Jeans.  I think I may have also been used in experiments and operations that telekinetically more or less resemble the prom scene in Carrie, but I digress.

If remote viewing is the ne plus ultra, one-size-fits-all solution to everything psychic prediction anywhere ever, no one is saying anything about it publicly.

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