Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Punch Drunk

My friend, 2013, "hole punch" on ankle

Me, left scapular muscle "hole punch"

From 2003, "punch", from below article, anonymous

So! Apparently this "hole punch" phenomenon is pretty common. Maybe not as common as the "scoop" mark phenomenon, but really it seems to be splitting hairs to try and figure out the ratios of occurrence in the population for that one. 

Last night I actually was feeling very "punchy" as it was near my bedtime and somehow stumbled across this site right before I fell asleep. Interesting how stuff finds you when you aren't really trying.

This is one of the few places I have found online that talks about this particular type of mark I and my friend have received: 

Scoop marks seem to get a lot more press, but unlike the odd scoop marks, this "punch biopsy" seems to actually be a legit medical procedure:

 but happening to lots of people under highly illegitimate situations.

A procedure happening to lots of people that doctors don't want to publicly talk about. 

What else is new? 

Imagine what would happen if all the scientists and doctors in the world could actually talk about what they are too scared to talk about publicly! 

Then maybe we'd have something. Until then, rule by silence/fear seems to rule in the "professional" class. Gotta keep your kid's college fund intact and then oh there's that 2nd mortgage and a yacht and a sixth vacation of the year to work towards and all that. 

We wouldn't want messy evidence to spoil your party, professional workers of the world.



  1. Anya, is it possible you get these injuries each night physically visiting Dream Planets, like me? :)

  2. I am also a contactee and abductee with ablilites and have the same marking of sorts came to me on my inner right arm just recently.. I went to look for pictures and came across your blog. I appreciate the confirmations and your perspective that gives me insight to do more investigation on it.. I will keep you informed.
    I believe mine happened in a dream when I literially was struck my lightning in the dream ..