Sunday, October 6, 2013

A very close friend finds the same mark on her body I had last year on my left scapular muscle and right thumb.

Thoroughly surprised,  but not the first time believe it or not this has happened with me and someone I know.

Last year, or maybe it was two years ago, I can't remember which, much to my dismay another mutual friend and I woke up almost 900 miles away from one another with the same triangle mark on our bodies within a day of each other. Here is his:

(Waiting on this one from the person who took the image, check back frequently, will have it soon)

And here is mine, the first from 2008 when I was told that I was given a "telepathic implant" and then another in 2011, I wasn't told what the second triangle was for: 

Here is my other friend who just found this mark on her ankle three days ago, as what she described as an almost octagonal-shaped "hole punch" shape. Upon magnification, it actually looks to me more of a pentagon shape, rather than octagonal:

(Close up from another photo of same mark, adjusted for contrast)

She also noted that odd bruises appeared on her leg in conjunction with the appearance of the mark- I too experienced odd bruises on my arm the same day the mark appeared on my thumb. She also said she felt weird, as if some kind of "space-time disruption" had occurred while the mark appeared. It seems to have a "dug out" appearance like mine- we both referred to our marks before seeing each person's photographs as having a sort of "hole punch" appearance to it in description.

Here are the bruises that appeared on her leg and my arm:

My friend's bruises that occurred simultaneously with mark on ankle.

And the bruises that occurred in conjunction with the appearance of the hole punch mark on my thumb.

Here are my "hole punch" marks, on my left scapular muscle (slightly adjusted for contrast):

And on my right thumb, September, 2012:
Initially this "hole punch" mark was a weird triangle "scrape" that appeared out of nowhere and I had no recollection of having received it:

Interestingly enough, this thumb mark initially was the curious "triangle" shaped mark that appeared out of nowhere last year and somehow became this hole punch shape over the course of a couple of days. My arms also started producing weird shapes on them in conjunction with the appearance of this hole punch mark:

Which is connected to this blog post I wrote about people involved with the occult like Michael Aquino who may also be involved with something to do with the planet Mars or have secret/hidden knowledge about Mars that the average person doesn't know about:

It should be noted that the "hole punch" effect occurred after the triangle images showed up, interesting that I overlooked adding it to the blog post later- I guess I have this kind of thing happen so much that it's hard to keep up with the documentation and I just got busy or something but this "hole punch" effect is what appeared under the triangle scratch over the course of the next day or so.

My friend said that while the mark was being placed on her body, she "heard" telepathically someone say that she was being implanted and then felt the weird space-time distortion effect that I also have experienced with some of these marks on my body. She said it was very clinical in tone, neither bad nor good. I picked up that this was ET experimentation in nature for her and for me- and that she had witnessed me suffer so much that she volunteered to see on a visceral level what I was going through so that empathically she could understand it better. The ETs thought this very odd as most people don't volunteer to be test subjects, but she did. I love her for her compassion, but I wouldn't wish this on anyone. I didn't ask for this, it was thrust upon me. But I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel comforted by her intentions and a little less lonely now that I have someone I know who this is happening to as well so people won't say awful things about me like I'm making this up or something.

More later, I'm tired by all of this, quite frankly.

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