Sunday, July 13, 2014

A thought

Andrew Wyeth, Christina's World, 1948

Lots of problems with people could be solved if they just realized that they are a spiritual being having a physical experience, not the other way around, that they've lived before and will live again, that they YES actually choose their parents, that all problems can be solved if we just look with the inner eye deep enough. 

If people could get over themselves- and temporal consensus "reality"- they'd see a host of possibilities and potentialities they heretofore had never known or realized. That's basically it. We're done here, stick a fork in me, we're done. 

That is the script I work from and it never varies; otherwise, you are responsible for ownership, growth, and education of you, whatever that means to you, and no one else is. 

When you can master your own reality in a grown up way and not one that involves subterfuge (for subterfuge is just another way of dancing around the inevitable, and in a rather childish,
un-evolved way at that), then you will have all the answers coming to you that you want and need and get. 

Otherwise, you are wasting everyones and your time by dancing around the inevitable. 
When people say they "go to the light" in a near death experience, they are incorporating the knowledge of the holographic input that has been denied them in corporeal existence and then they choose amnesia again in the corporeal state when they decide they want to reincarnate into form to forget in order to learn experience and perspective from another experience and perspective. 

When that veil is parted, others realize too what a waste of time dancing around the issue is as well and tend to get to the heart of it. Life is short, life is long, life is everlasting, you never get this chance again and if you seize the moment it will come back to you- better be aware of what kind of boomerang you want. 

Paradoxical universes are so interesting and yet so much the same at the same time.

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