Wednesday, July 2, 2014

More On Mind Wars With The Military...

It's interesting that several hours after I posted this:

I proceeded to get attacked remotely vis a vis the thing in my tooth. Here is that account:

I'm sure there's no connection whatsoever! 

More proof of my claims that DARPA is creating super soldiers:

In addition to the ad nauseum, once-again mention of real Stargate "psychic super soldier" type telekinetic/remote viewing programs depicted in the book/film The Men Who Stare At Goats in the article, there's some completely disturbing information about how scarily easy it is to create an expert marksman, even a random civilian:

"A previous program actually did yield some remarkable insight into the potential for better soldier performance through focused brain states. Amy Kraus, a former DARPA program manager, on Monday told a group at the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies, the work that she presided over succeeded in finding the secret mental secret that preceded good marksmanship. “It turns out the expert marksman has a brain state,” she said, “a state that they enter before they take the perfect shot. Can I teach a novice to create this brain state? The answer was yes. She said that by recognizing that state, researchers were able to improve the ability of regular people to improve their marksmanship by 100 percent. “These are recordable, measurable, algorythmical,” Kraus said.


"Could I use this information to literally turn anyone who is sentient with two functioning 
arms, hands, and legs with the right combo of mind control entrainment into a super soldier/Manchurian candidate/patsy expert marksman 
who would have no memory of having shot anyone (aka a "target")?


Oh, and look, yet again, Sandia "Exceptional Service in The National Interest" Labs comes up, a place responsible for testing me against my will and without my consent with "exceptional service in the national interest" when I was a MILAB sent there at least once, probably more times; they aren't abducting human test subjects and using this technology to completely invade people's brains and use it in mind control or use it to create super soldiers or anything. 
Not that I would directly, personally know anything about that, of course:

Researchers at Sandia National Laboratory showed in 2012 that the human brain’s electrical activity could predict how well an individual was going to perform on a test. According to The Futurist magazine:

The researchers asked 23 people to attempt to memorize a list of words while undergoing brain scanning. The average subject recalled 45% of the words on the list. The EEG data correctly predicted which five of the 23 subjects would beat the competition, remembering 72% of the words on average.
If you had someone learning new material and you were recording the EEG, you might be able to tell them, ‘You’re going to forget this, you should study this again,’ or tell them, ‘OK, you got it and go on to the next thing,’” chief researcher Laura Matzen said in a statement.

As you were! Nothing to see here...

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