Saturday, July 19, 2014

Jesuit Head of Canterbury guilty of child trafficking, Hollywood "royalty" Illuminati slaves lives determined in sadistic fights pitting children against one another, human hunting parties, and more

It's not just the children in the juvenile detention programs, foster homes, and adoption centers of the world who are being exploited in this ring, it is also the children of the wealthy and privileged of the Illuminati/Jesuits whose fates are being decided in orchestrated, deeply hidden and horrific fashions.

This also corroborates child abuse detailed to me and intuited by myself with Max Spiers telling me about his time at school with his roommate Orlando Bloom while they were students, roommates and friends at the Canterbury Cathedral School in England in the 80s and 90s. 

Orlando is Max's Godfather, believe it or not, and after Max was baptized as a young teen by the Bishop of Canterbury himself, there was an illuminati ritual in the basement of the Cathedral pitting both boys against one another in a no-rules fight. After the fight, their fates were determined by who won and who lost. Max lost. And we all know what happened to Orlando. Neither boy remembered anything after this happened, but their friendship drastically changed overnight and Orlando's behavior suddenly changed as did Max's. 

Max quickly fell into drug addiction and alcoholism and Orlando's career bloomed. Both men also studied drama at the same school in London before Max left for addiction issues and both men also auditioned for the same role Orlando eventually won for Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings.

Both are victims of the most severe form of Illuminati mind control known. Max has DID and look at Orlando's filmography- there are several key Jesuit/Knights Templar orchestrated themes in it, including a film in which he literally plays a Knights Templar in the Crusades. There are hidden Knights Templar references in another hit film franchise Bloom was in as well, 
Pirates of the Caribbean. 

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