Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Date from Hell: Dating Narcissists and Psychopaths

Many super soldiers I have met are malignant narcissists. 
Many think they are "special". 
They have a track record of ruining lives, including their own. 

To anyone intrigued by anyone who has stepped forward and calls themselves a "super soldier", think twice and take steps to get out and get away from these people immediately. For the record, I DO NOT call myself a "super soldier". It's a horrible, triggering term for me, and I certainly would not take pride in the term and have corrected people a lot on this- if you must label me, call me a human test subject and/or a MILAB, for that is most certainly what I am.

But there is zero glory or joy to be had in any of this. You are a guinea pig owned by the state if you ever have the misfortune of having men in black tactical gear pointing guns at your head screaming at you to "shut the fuck up" if you "say one more word or I'll blow your fucking head off" and then they inject you with Rohypnol, throw you in a body bag and take you to an underground facility for experimentation, interrogation, torture and mind control/drugging/trauma.

The media are the ones who have erroneously called me a Super Soldier, and I loathe the term. I am not nor do I associate myself as one. That's my final answer. 

Anyone who thinks what's been done to them in the programs is a good thing and "the next stage of humanity" in a *good* way (i.e., technology, trauma and mind control are being used to remove the emotions of empathy, regret, remorse, guilt, compassion, understanding and feeling the pain of another, etc.), you're sick in the head and there's something wrong with you. 

Having lived with an incurable narcissist for six regrettable weeks of my life, I can tell you that it has literally taken years to get over the destruction it caused. He displayed all of the characteristics of a malignant narcissist times ten in addition to having a host of other connected disorders and addictions and was emotionally, verbally and physically abusive. 

This is what's been done to them- whomever created them literally created monsters. Not making excuses for their behavior, but in my direct, personal experience, I know that something of an organized nature that involved intel agencies made these people the way they were.
This is the thing that never gets discussed in the UFO Conferences and the Kerry Cassidy videos because no one wants to talk about this element- but it is very real. I have witnessed and personally experienced the abuse these people wield, they have ruined lives, families, their own lives- all for the pursuit of attention--  and they feed on empaths for dinner. 

You can't have compassion for a scorpion. They will only sting you if they tell you they will take you across the river on their back. It is their nature. 

The more anyone who has been affected by a narcissist - which is basically everyone at this point- can learn about this tragic condition, the better. And yes, it is something akin to saying as Sam says, they are aliens from outer space. They have no emotions other than self-pity and self-glorification. There is no "You" when you date one. It is all about them. You will be taking care of them, housing them, paying for everything for them, supporting their every move, and all the time they will be feeding on you like the vampire they are. 

Don't give them their narcissistic supply. Don't get duped. They move in fast and take no prisoners. They are relentless. It's best to learn about them and know what they want from the get go- and what they want is complete and utter annihilation. They are miserable souls, if they even had one. 
Most of them don't. 

So for those men and women who were giving certain super soldiers I know marriage proposals and saying you wanted to have their babies and are getting dewy-eyed and basking in the glow of their no doubt sometimes highly exaggerated and/or flat out lies of tales of "battle" and you telling me to my face that what's happened to me by these people and what I have been forced to do under the control of my more covert captors is "romantic" : There's something seriously wrong with you, you are probably co-dependent or a covert narcissist/have a rampant personality disorder yourself, and you are absolutely falling for a predator. 

These are not people to be glorified. Certainly these are people not to be trusted!

 As a MILAB I have been threatened by the best of them and every trick and tactic in the book as been thrown my way in attempts to simply find out what's happened to me. God knows no therapist could help me in that regard. Oh sure, they might have been able to figure out their personalities, but then you start going down the rabbit hole as to WHY they became the way they did, as well as the paranormal and organized occult/ritual aspect of this and then the therapist literally freezes, becomes scared and they say they have no framework for which you are describing, that it's a "spiritual" concern and is outside of the confines of the therapeutic model/the DSM and then they cut off all contact with you. They slam the door on you and tell you you're on your own when you bring up the woo-woo parts of this. Most will say all that part is in your head/you're making it up/that can't happen and that is that. For having the audacity to simply find out what's happened to me, I in turn have been re-traumatized by these same "helpers" who just want to "heal" me and they have questioned why I would even want to hang out with such people in the first place, that there must be something wrong with me! Again, this was not a pleasure cruise I was after. I wanted to find out information pertinent to my situation, what happened to me after I had guns pointed at my head and something injected into my arm. But that part doesn't seem to get through to the "professional class". They tend to call me "psychologically damaged" or "exhibit symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder" myself without even knowing my situation. 

(For the record, I don't have it, I have been diagnosed with PTSD twice however. Gee, wonder where that came from. Could some of it be from, oh I dunno, having guns pointed at my head and being drugged and taken from my home to be used in nefarious covert studies as a human test subject? Mayhaps?)

But even torture specialists don't know what to do with me with the "outrageous" claims I am making about the paranormal/exotic technology/mind control that just happen to be not only true, but so true that it is so far beyond the scope of most people's capabilities to deal with the reality I deal with on a daily basis that often I have been told they needed a sedative, or a bottle of wine, or an entire dime bag just to get to sleep that night after hearing it. I am not doing this for mine or anyone else's pleasure. I am just trying to get to the bottom of this. And for those of you who abandoned me mid-stream on this,  or wanted to yet again re-traumatize me and exploit me to be used as a "case subject" in one of your fucking books, fuck you again- and the horse you rode in on too. 

It is a dark, sick rabbit hole you go down when you choose to associate yourself with these people. I regret it to this day, but again, I tried to find out what was happening to me. Unfortunately some of what they were saying that happened to me it turns out was true. For the record yet again, I don't consider these people "friends" or even associates- I "associated" myself just long enough so I could understand how this operates and how to learn about how the people who've done this to me think/work. I have learned much about how they operate, and as a result, I am strengthened and have vowed to never let them in again. But we were never "friends". Not ever. So anything you read about how I "co-assisted" in the abuse of this or that person by virtue of my "association" with certain people is patently untrue and is part of yet another smear campaign designed to discredit me. And yet I haven't been sued yet. And I won't be, because I am not a liar.

I am not making this up. I am not fabricating the nature of my experiences/reality. I am not delusional. I am not "self-harming" as some trolls erroneously think I am when these marks appear on my body. I have done none of this nor have I behaved in the way these liars and discredit ors and detractors and trolls are saying I am. 

I am simply trying to find out what's happened and continues to happen to me.

The narcissists as well as the leagues of weak-willed and feeble lackeys and fanboys and girls and codependents and spineless toadies who fall sway to their initial appeal and who continue to slavishly follow them around and glorify them and sympathize with their plight long after the mask came off are also to be avoided. There's no helping someone who doesn't want to be helped, and further more, they would have no personality if they couldn't reflect themselves in the one-way mirror that is the mind of a Super Soldier narcissist anyway. 

Many personality disorders are on display in this "community"- again, if you want to be in this "club", you are not a well person.  
Dissociative Identity Disorder with these people often goes hand in hand with heavy multiple addictions, PTSD,  Narcissism and Borderline Personality Disorder. I am not the one diagnosing them, they have either told me or have been diagnosed with this and/or have stated this publicly themselves. 

The most egregious ones I have met have all of the above stated conditions.

These are nasty, nasty, backstabbing, incredibly cruel and unusual people and they are not your friends. They are to be avoided like the plague. There are entire wards at hospitals that should be sectioned off for these people and they should be kept from humanity the rest of their lives. 

But instead they are glorified and asked to speak at the Super Soldier Summit and Kerry Cassidy and others accept their complete inability to distinguish fantasy from reality, and she supports the very people who have been harassing me and calls me the one who is "troubled" and perpetuates their myth that they are a "super race". But whatever. She's working for the people who did this to them anyway. 

Look: They are malignant. They are diseased. They are nothing to write home about. 
And yet it is quite the insight into what the NWO creates when they do create a "super" (ugh) soldier.

It is about the farthest thing from "romantic" that can happen when a narcissist comes into your life. It has been one of the most traumatic things I have ever experienced to live with and make the decision to have contact with malignant narcissists. I do not recommend it. 
The only suggestion I have for you is complete non-contact. 

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