Saturday, April 10, 2010

A being came into my room last night and holographically showed me a tortoise?!

He was tall, in a robe, with big bug like eyes, but it's hard to say what he looked like-- he told me it was "time" and I demanded to know who he was and he said "It's not important" and then I struggled to get off the bed and argued with him that if he couldn't tell me who he was, I wasn't going to participate, and he said more insistantly "YOU SAID YOU WOULD LIE BACK DOWN, I NEED TO GIVE YOU MORE INFORMATION NOW" and then I felt this gentle push on my chest from an invisible hand and I was lying on the bed again. I felt no fear, and suddenly I realized somehow he "was who he said he was" and was not an agent.

 He then activated some kind of hologram and a kind of invisible screen popped up and showed me all these geometric shapes floating in front of my eyes, this time it was triangles and I think squares. Then the shapes faded (or morphed? I couldn't tell) into this giant transparent tortoise, and I was fascinated with its shell, and as I stared at the shell, the angle of the tortoise changed from a horizontal view to the top of its shell looking down on it, and each facet of the shell began to light up each segment -- I somehow knew each section of the shell was "information".

Then the tortoise turned into flowers: giant, undulating calla lilly types; then suddenly neat rows of spring flowers against a low-lying picket fence, kind of like snow drops or lilly of the valley or blue bells- the small springtime ones that cluster and grow with big, generous flared leaves at their base.

Then, it all swirled together and he and the images were gone and I fell asleep immediately and had some WEIRD vivid dreams.

In one of them,  I had a mother with two mixed race children (my half siblings)and she was kind of crazy-- driving too fast on this winding highway overlooking what looked like a lush, green, tree-filled sound in the Pacific Northwest-- the two brothers were sitting next to her in the front seat and I was sitting in the back. It kind of reminded me of when I briefly lived in Seattle in the early 90s, and I remember telling her to slow down with the driving but she wouldn't stop speeding.

Then the dream switched and I suddenly started eating Ziploc plastic bags!!! About 8 or 10 of them! They were the half gallon kind with a bumpy "zipper" appendage attached.  I could feel them in my digestive tract, moving slowly as I swallowed each one  -- I particularly remember the bumpy hard plastic "zipper" parts of the bags bumping up and pressing against my right side of my large intestine.

Then I was at some kind of hotel where a sales group was giving an annual awards show and Bill Ryan from Project Camelot had entered his name in some kind of raffle and they called his name and he for some reason had this really hard time getting up to the podium to accept his prize, lol.

I remember urging him to hurry or they would go on to the next person and then I woke up.

He never reached the podium.


  1. Anya - Good Grief, thank you for sharing this stuff. I think this un-filtered raw data is important. Really - it's important!

    peace to you,
    Mike C!

  2. Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.


  3. This list (below) is from a woman I had a session with, where the focus was animal spirits readings. The woman, Diana, was very smart and sweet. I posted an article on my blog about Diana, the same day you wrote about a holographic tortoise.

    Turtle/Tortoise's Wisdom Includes:

    - Symbol of the earth
    - Connection with the center
    - Navigation skills
    - Patience
    - Self-boundaries
    - Associated with the feminine
    - Power to heal female diseases
    - Respecting the boundaries of others
    - Developing new ideas
    - Psychically protecting oneself
    - Self-reliance
    - Tenacity
    - Nonviolent defense

  4. Also - curious little bit of syncro-grooviness - the little add box just below the comments was for ZIPLOC EASY ZIPPERS, and it announced how they are new and easy to fill, with an expandable bottom (eww!). Better for eating?

  5. I read recently - I now can't remember where - that the number of sections on a tortious shell is some sort of significant universal constant. I was also listening to some interview with s. african author Michael Tellinger about ancient (annunaki) ruins in Africa with hexagonal stone structures that were used as resonant energy generators - they mentioned this was like Tesla's experiments. This made me wonder about the geometry of flowers yesterday while I was in the garden. Could tortoise shells and flowers point to free-energy generating geometry? What was that conversation you had with Kissenger about releasing free energy?

  6. Thank you, Mike! That list is *exceedingly* appropo for me lately. Hmmm...Oh, and by the way, they were *quart* sized, not half gallon plastic bags, lol- -and they were the new kind, with the expandable bottom! Definitely better for eating, lol

    And Alyssa, thank you as well, I do appreciate that information, I wouldn't doubt in the slightest that it could have something to do with free energy.

    My conversation with Kissinger was all about him getting me to join his side, but the beings definitely responded/requested that he release free energy to the universe. It would definitely help him settle many a karmic debt.

  7. *LOLOLOL* Wow ~ tortoise shell...can't truly say am able to fathom meaning of such at this point. A note about English grammar ==> when we write, wishing to shorten "it" and "is" to a single expression, we use an apostrophe mark b/w the "t" and "s," but if we want to convey the meaning of ownership or possession of something, we will write the word "its" (i.e. no apostrophe is necessary.) *Peace and have a happy day.*

  8. Anya, Mike and Alyssa...watched an Ian Lundgold speech/vid and got to thinking about the cosmic significance of the tortoise shell. It seems that turtle shell has something to do with the calendric system and giving birth, or being born.

  9. Ay, THANK YOU for the heads up about the grammatical errors, lol-- yes in fact I do know the difference between it's and its, lol- I wanted to record the information as fast as possible before I forgot my dreams and did not do any editing before submitting the post as I was also in a hurry with other things, but now I realize the error of my ways, thank you , lol-- It was written in a hurried FRENZY as they say. Duly noted and since corrected.

    I don't really see the "giving birth" metaphor in a tortoise shell, but somehow mentioning the calendric system seems oddly appropriate, and yet I don't know why.