Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mary Rodwell on Star children/"New humans"/ support network for experiencers and contactees

This woman is brave and brilliant, thank her for all she does by purchasing her books/lectures/what have you.  She also talks about the war on consciousness currently going on behind the scenes.


  1. Oh that bland wallpaper.

    I met Mary in Laughlin, the week that this video was shot. She was the leader of the "experiencer" support groups that met on 6 of the 7 nights at the conference, so I got to see her in that environment. Sadly, these meetings were crowded in a small and claustrophobic room, with a loud air-conditioner fan in the ceiling, making it almost impossible to hear anyone.

    She is a very dedicated woman, and the busy format of the conference made it hard to get to know her. The circus environment at Laughlin can be a distraction, limiting some of the real connections. She was there with a troop of other Australians, all with either direct experiences or doing research. They were quite an impressive group. There was a woman from New Zealand named Susan that was exceptionally interesting!

    At on point I had a chance to sit with her for a little while. I showed her some drawings I had done (and Anya has seen these) and I saw a side to her I hadn't seen yet. She was immediately very focused and both of us shared some very intimate experiences concerning the paranormal.

    She had a three-ring binder full of pencil drawings from a "client" and these were amazing. Fine line illustrations with densely packed little diagrams, they looked like a detailed overlay to some complex series of astrological charts. Really interesting stuff!

    That said, I liked her enormously, she was VERY serious about the subject, and refused to treat it in anyway that would seem exploitative. And - She did wear a feather boa to one of the organized dinners!

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