Wednesday, April 21, 2010

This probably isn't going to surprise anyone who is following this story, but

I am definitively, 100% a MILAB. And also a contactee. My black ops guy was able to corroborate what happened to me, he's told me how to separate the wheat from the chaff re: what was his work and what was the ETs work and was able to do a conference Skype session with another MILAB survivor.

Apparently he was, incredibly enough, the person who injected us both with a very high grade version of Rohypnol (aka "The date rape drug") and took me to an underground facility. I am having ***all kinds*** of memories triggered when I speak with him (that was one of them) and as well with speaking with the other MILAB survivor. It has been intense but also gratifying in all aspects of closure that I have been seeking for some time.

Both myself and the other survivor (and when I say survivor, I mean it- I am always feeling like I dodged a bullet and now I know why) are in the process of de-programming ourselves while at the same time helping de-programming Mr. Black Ops with our abilities and it has been a journey of peace and love. I have no ill will towards this man, in fact the exact opposite. He was the delivery guy, no more no less, and he is just as much a survivor of this as we are. The fact that he is doing everything he can to make amends is only endearing me more to this man.

I will fill you in more as I can, I still haven't had time yet to ask permission from this guy to print his name, but I will say this, he is definitely able to corroborate what I am saying and definitely will speak with me sitting by his side publicly to talk about this on tape to corroborate what has happened to me and the others we are in touch with at a later date.

Love and Light,



  1. I'm happy you're getting some answers.

    He was the 1st dude who popped in my head when you spoke about the black ops fella a few posts back.

    I watched the Project Camelot vid when it 1st came out and his face reminded me of this :

    Help him 2 flip that script.

    Good luck with everything. I'll keep good thoughts.


  2. Yours is an amazing journey to follow in this "real time" format. Truly exciting. I feel like I'm turning the pages of a detective novel.

    Thank you.


  3. Um, glad you think my life is a detective novel, Mike-- it's a little bit more than put up here simply for your entertainment, though!

  4. Thank you, Matt. I thought the description was dead on. Already he and I and other MILABS have had exotic run-ins, shall we say. Aaron has protected me in more, shall we say, exotic ways, already. I feel his presence with me constantly now-- this time in a good way! The beings told me about 2 years ago that I would have body guards and I started crying because I thought I would be a bird in a gilded cage after that- but now I know what they meant. Aaron is definitely a body guard, no question. He has fortified my being with information as well as other incredible ways of protection, and I know he is doing that with hundreds of others as well.

  5. That's amazing, Anya.

    The protection part is extra awesome to hear as well.


  6. Anya,

    This must be quite a shocking personal revelation for you, to say the least. I only have prayers of protection to offer, but they're yours with my deepest sincerity.