Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Just got permission to reveal the name of the Black Ops guy.

It's Aaron McCollum. You need to watch his Project Camelot video as well as any/all interviews he does, what he says reveals a lot. I am only one part of his saga, and indeed, that is what it is. I love this guy, he's amazing in so many ways, and I commend him for his sincerity, courage, and bravery.

Thank you, Aaron!


  1. It's funny, normally I'm dismissive toward most conspiracy-oriented topics (My brother left a CTC show with Alex Jones playing on my computer while he rested in the next room, and he laughed when he heard me come in from work mumbling and cursing about it, lol.), but suddenly I find myself opening up a bit more to some of this material. I have to admit that I feel kind of lost when it comes to these deeper issues, like you're dealing with. But I definitely don't doubt your sincerity.

    As a matter of fact, I was taking a nap early this morning, going into that in-between state and after a while I suddenly--don't know how else to describe it--felt the "emotional weight" of what you're dealing with here. A few moments later I experienced a rare bright flash of light in my mind's eye (no thunder/lightning, anything like that). Do you normally have this effect on people, Anya, lol?

    It strikes me as possibly significant, that today, 4/24, is the 10th or 11th anniversary (I note these kind of days in my life like this, sometimes) of the day I truly recognized that I was leaving behind the stifling belief system of my youth.

    Lots of L&L,

    Chris E.

  2. I only impart meaning for those who wish to find it, Chris. We all have lessons to teach each other, and I guess you are wide open for the lesson plan I am, lol- Thank you so much for your kind response, there is sooooo much more going on beneath the surface than meets the eye, your third eye is wide open right now and ready to receive- most men have a bit of resistance with that due to conditioning, "it's impossible, that's not real, mainstream science says so and the mainstream media doesn't cover it, so therefore it's not real", yada yada-- we are all moving into a new paradigm together, so take what you will from it and leave the rest. I don't agree with everything Alex Jones says btw either, lol- but the points I do agree with I agree with vociferously. He's on to something as are all the others (David Icke, Project Camelot, Disclosure Project, Stephen Bassett, Stephen Greer, etc etc) - but rarely do I agree 100% with everything they say. "Close enough for government work" is my phrase du jour on this one- somewhere in there is the evidence, once you've sifted through the claims. Thank you for sending that absolutely lovely email as well, I have in fact had some things going on, ;-), but appreciate and delight in your discoveries nonetheless.

    Love and so much Light to you, dear Chris,