Friday, December 21, 2012

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura Brain Invaders S03E07 (Targeted Individuals, Electronic torture, mind control, EMF wave tech)

(Sorry the sound is so bad, volume needs to be turned up, TruTV keeps deleting the episodes on YouTube.) 

The producers for the show wanted me on this episode about targeted individuals initially, but when they asked to see photographs of what was happening to me, one of them said he was so freaked out from seeing them that he needed a bottle of wine just to get to sleep that night.

Here's a sample of what is showing up on me so you can help keep your friendly neighborhood liquor store in business too:

Apparently what's happening to me is even more out there than "mere" synthetic (or "artificial" as it is also called) telepathy. I apparently am a whole other category of TI. So instead of putting me in a legit episode that had concrete evidence, they put me in the two wackiest ones.

Admittedly, what's being demonstrated in this episode is pretty pedestrian stuff for electronic and nano torture compared to what shows up on my arms, what I experience otherwise, etc, but definitely for years, I have been experiencing the symptoms these people are talking about on a daily basis.

As you can see, others have stated that all it seems to take to be placed on a targeted individual list is one critical comment towards particular individuals in positions of power. These people who electronically torture us, they are petty, vindictive, hive-mindset people. They relish abusing power because they are malignant narcissists who have mortification over being challenged in any way shape or form.

The episode doesn't cover this, but they also have been known to go after the families and friends (and even pets) of TIs to "prove" their point: You don't get to say anything critical about me, slave. Ever.

Of course it's psychotic behavior and needs to be analyzed and exposed further, and because of this episode, it actually will be further analyzed now on a much larger scale than ever before.
People are starting to wake up and this will be analyzed further, perps. Know that.

It also begs the question: could the many other published comments my Grandfather made that harshly criticized the policies of the CIA and the US military (as well as Rothschild and Rockefeller interests) possibly be reason enough alone to make me a MILAB and targeted individual?

If you haven't already seen this recent post as well, I would refer you to it as food for thought as pertains to the subject of TIs now that you know what you know:

 (Of course I have a big mouth and say whatever I feel is necessary to tell the truth, too. But I'm sure my family's connections to exposing and prosecuting these types didn't help protect me much.)

Not surprisingly, MK-ULTRA "supersoldier" as well as handler and mind control programmer of other assassins himself Mr. Dave "The Man in the White Van" Corso WOULD know about this mind control stuff. 
He's personally threatened me, had his sycophantic stooges hack my email accounts and hard drive, and told Aaron McCollum that I was sending "coded trigger words" in emails to activate Aaron.
He also poured poison in Aaron's father's ear and got him so worked up about me that I received an email threat from Aaron's Dad as a result of this two minute hate against me.
If anything, it's Corso doing all of the programming, and one of the many reasons Aaron and he don't talk anymore is because of what Dave did to me.

As for the "naive" gentleman revealing what he's done in the name of creating gangstalking tech, you're also a really "brave" whistleblower, sir. I can't even muster the contempt I should have for this pathetic individual as I know he's only telling Governor Ventura half of the story. If he *really* weren't afraid of death like he says he is, he'd name names. Instead he minces around like the little lap dog for the CIA that he is. He knows who is behind this. So talk, Dr. Duncan. Let it all out. Otherwise, you should be tried in a court of law for crimes against humanity just like the rest of the "people" who do this to us.

As a side note, I have been harsh about how some in the TI community have treated me in the past. There are good, sane people in this group have been incredibly kind.
I'm pretty sure I met the woman from Wisconsin who describes her bedtime routine to the cast of the show last year at the Bioethics Commission in Manhattan. She was incredibly nice -- and sane-- as were many people there who were being affected by electronic torture of all kinds.


  1. I had expected to see you on this episode of CT.

    I was watching it and expected to see the square thing on your tooth and was annoyed that you did not feature, since I knew that the show knew about you and your implant(s) and life story.

    But I agree, they did expose things that must demand action.

  2. I uploaded here ( ) a file about karma and the law of retribution and compensation.
    I watched an interview with Alara Blackwell and her story is similar with yours. She also claims that she is a starseed and she also says that she has no karma on this planet. If the situation is the same in your case what do you think is the reason you are going through this ordeal?
    Although you mentioned yourself in the Ammach interview that you took part in cannibalism, blood drinking and children sacrifices I am still having a hard time believing this. I just cannot imagine that you are capable of doing something like that. Maby they are just bad, "wrong", "screen" memories.
    Have you asked your ET guides what is the reason for your ordeal? Are you supposed just to clench your teeth and go on? The ET are telepathic 100%.... They helped you when you were attacked with that heart attack weapon.... so they must know "your status" at any given moment 24/7 (at least in my opinion) .... they must know (understand) what you are going through... can't they help you bring your memories to the surface?
    can they help you ease the pain a little bit? Since they didn't abandoned you and saved your life so many times they must consider you an "important asset" which still has work to do here.
    I wish you all the best.

  3. I forgot to mention that the file I uploaded about the law of causation is from the teachings of Swami Sivananda. Thank you.

  4. Thank you, SP. Yes, it's yet another mystery in the production of this show that happened to be delayed for more than a year. I am quite sure the suits didn't want the public to see that. Too much reality in a reality TV show, I guess. Not that anyone would want to help me, mind you. No, no. There's ratings to be had, and more can be made by making me look like an idiot sans context running around a field and crying. They didn't show additional footage about what we found at Dulce, either. I have faith that eventually this sand wall they've built up to keep me from telling everyone what's really going on is going to crumble very suddenly, however. Something's going to break and one of the real deal whistleblowers is actually going to step forward and talk about what's in my arms a well as my teeth. Thank you. Blessings, Anya

  5. Circle Walk: I never said I knew definitively what was happening to me. I can only report what I recover as a memory. I can't tell what is real vs. what is planted- and I have said so. I leave it to you to decide why Alara thinks she's as pure as the driven snow, I can't speak on her behalf. All I can say is that there is a reason someone is either planting "false" memories in me and this is what comes out (ritual abuse, cannibalism and the like). There is a reason someone is doing this to me- either pro or con to help me remember real or false memories- the focus increasingly should be on WHAT is the technology, if any that is creating this and who if any are the person or persons doing this? Why is the burden of responsibility solely on the person reporting these memories? The public wants me to have all the answers, but the reason I am telling everyone what I am remembering- whether it's real or a planted memory or a blended one designed to confuse and confound that's a cleverly designed combination of both, or all the memories are a grab bag of all of the above, no one seems to be asking HOW this is done, BY WHOM, and WHY. I want to know just as much as anyone else. All I can say about Alara is, to this day I have only been able to stomach about ten minutes of her interview before being overwhelmed by the information I was getting, and how much of a LIAR she is about some of the technology and experiences she is projecting onto the masses. She is a disinfo agent, whether witting or un, and as for someone who claims to have the same experiences as me, well that's also happened with someone else in the programs with me, a person who to this day stalks my blog at least 10 to 20 times a week, Miss Sarah Stanga. She is a MILAB who also confuses information by saying true things and then confusing it with experiences of others, whom I know she befriends to get information from and compare notes with only to stab them in the back- I know she's done this not only with myself and many other healers, but she's also done this with James Rink and James Casbolt. I don't pretend to know her motives, but I do know she's a very sick woman, as is Alara. But to me Alara is more sinister because she is still on the military payroll and her specialty is information gathering for military intelligence. For all I know all of us have planted memories of the things we all claim to have experienced, but the question still remains as to why? It can't just be for distraction and disinfo alone. It's not like anyone believes our stories anyway. For the most part, the masses would rather watch Dancing With The Stars than listen to any of us. Look at the number of views on any Bases interview and then look at an average number of views for a Shane Dawson video where he talks about masturbation, his mom getting drunk and puking on his pet dog. No comparison. Just because the vast majority of these people stepping forward are a combo of highly suggestible, insane, or liars, incredibly enough doesn't mean their stories don't have truth to them. People need to understand what happens when you are mind controlled. People need to understand what happens in a military abduction. They have it down to a science. People need to ask themselves why all these people stepping forward have so many memories of being in these programs with other people who are stepping forward. Statistically it is unlikely that every single thing coming out of our mouths is a lie. I'll tell you this much: we definitely don't sit around talking to each other trying to devise a plan to fool the public. That definitely is NOT happening. None of us really get along that well. You can thank the programmers for that as well.

  6. And further more, you have to accept the possibility that people are complex organisms, not all one thing or another. It's not contradictory to Alara that she thinks she's innocent and pure- most people would never say "I'm bad" or "I do bad things". Especially people who have as many gaps in memory as her. I don't know, really, all I've been able to watch is ten minutes of her video before turning it off. Something about her turns my stomach, which I think is significant. I remember her as the ultimate suck up, the ultimate kiss-ass. She volunteered for some of the most disgusting stuff. I don't know why that is. They pit us against one another too. You should research further how people like us are monitored and controlled remotely. It's not pretty, but I am sure you'll learn alot about nuance. You seem to have this idea people are all one way or another when it is rarely like that. Most people can be coerced under extreme threat of death or trauma to do literally anything. And then they make you forget you did it and give you a screen memory or just flat out give you missing time so you remember nothing. You try experiencing a recovered memory the likes I have described and see how it feels. It's not for the faint of heart.

  7. Also, I don't think I ever said I have no karma. I don't know where you heard that. I have said in an old interview that I was told I would ascend after this life to become a guide for others on the other side, but who knows? That's what I was told. No idea if it's true or not. From 2008-2009, there was a lot of manipulation being done to me, both overt and covert. More and more I am inclined to believe it's less "aliens" and more human beings behind what's happening to me. But who knows? I seem to be the only one who can admit this. Most of the others speaking out are convinced of their experiences as what they were. But I know holographic tech is being used on me, all kinds of things to manipulate my reality. I also know I have implants, nanotech, etc in my body, and no one legit seems to be able to help me with that, either. No one knows anything except the people who did this to us and they sure as hell aren't talking.

  8. I know I'm protected. I know there are beings who have come into my room who may be us in a future timeline or relatives of ours from other worlds. I know that there is interdimensional life as well as extradimensional life as well as ancient terrestrial life. I know all this is real. I have experienced interactions with something or someone telepathically. It could be artificial or a combo of alien tech with earth human tech. I know there are forces competing for me because I also speak other languages and don't know how I do that- some of those languages are not earth-based. I know there is a spirit realm. I know when you die, that there's way more than just "this". I know certain things. Yes, I am protected. I know that much. But I can never be 100% sure as to who is doing it and for what purposes. They may be nefarious reasons, I don't know. I hope not. A lot of people try to tamper with my head a lot and tell me what my experience is. They don't know anymore than I know. I know definitely that Naval Intel came into my home and altered garments and possibly also abducted me in a MILAB- I have the clothing to prove it. That is not a hologram! I know some kind of advanced technology is being used on me without my conscious knowledge or consent, that too is definitely not a hologram. If people like Alara have proof something is happening to them, show me the photos. Show me the body marks. Give me more evidence than just what's coming out of your mouth. I have evidence, hard proof that something definitively is happening to me and I am probably not doing it to myself. I know that much. I certainly didn't go into some altered state and apply that thing, whatever it is, to the back of my tooth by myself! I know that!

  9. @Circle Walk: Sorry, I accidentally hit "Spam" instead of "Publish for the comment you just left awaiting moderation. I didn't see who the two people were in the links you provided, but it's a pretty safe bet I know them personally or know of them. You misread what I said: I DO recover memories by myself, and with communicating with other people in the programs usually. I absolutely recover memories. Don't know where you got that idea that I don't- Usually I get them fast and furious when I speak to someone who is the real deal in the programs with me. They usually get them too when I speak with them. I just don't have all of them recovered yet. It takes time.

  10. My browser saves what I write in text boxes so bellow is the comment I already sent...
    I know you do recover memories... what I meant was to recover MORE of them. I didn't meant that you cannot recover them at all.
    I found two interviews with other supersoldiers which might interest you.
    I don't know if you heard them already or not. I hope you will be able to listen to them. There are a lot of interesting informations.
    Since nobody seems able to help you recover your memories it seems you have no other way but to try to do it yourself, even though it is very disturbing to listen to this kind of interviews.
    I wish you all the best.

  11. The problem is not recovery of memories. Whether I like it or not, I still recover them. It's can I handle them. (Whether real or planted, the effect is the same - shock, disgust, trauma, nightmares, sleeping with all the lights on, guilt, remorse, sadness, grief- shall I go on? No one seems to get that part or understand that part.)

    What do I do with them? What do any of us do with these things if the public remains complacent, asleep, and not willing to listen and/or believe a word we say?

    We can talk until we're blue in the face, but if people don't start connecting the dots and getting pro-active about this as a real phenomenon, nothing can be done.

    Super soldiers and MILABs are only the starting point. The public- and that means you and everyone reading this- can have all the empathy and and good intentions in the world, it won't do jack squat for any of us until the people who put this technology in me and submitted me this crap are exposed and prosecuted. That's the conclusion I'm coming to.

    Because other wise, my interviews are just conspiracy porn for the masses to vicariously get their rocks off over and are passive participants in turning my story into a grotesque rumor, nothing more. If all of you reading this leave it at that, you are complicit in letting it continue.

    So, you must be thinking to yourself: How can I do anything to effect change? I'm just one person! What can I do?

    How about trying to find out why your so-called leaders have signed things that are against your best, highest interests into law like the Patriot Act? How about demanding that habeas corpus be restored? How about trying to get rid of the TSA? How about letting your elected officials know loud and clear this isn't cool with you and if they weren't aware of this sort of thing going on before, sending them videos and documents on the subject? How about reminding them that they work for you, not the other way around, and oh, by the way, what about the black sink hole known as the defense budget and why does no one seriously look into auditing it unless they then get asked to step down six months later from their jobs? Why not ask your elected officials about accountability and oversight? This is all paid for by your tax dollars, shouldn't that alone be enough of a reason to look into this further and create your own action plan about it?

    Because trust me, I am just a canary in a coal mine. If you think you are immune to this, if you think your children are immune to this, just wait. Wait for the drones. Wait for the robot cyborg microchipped police state. It's already here and you still sit here pitying poor, poor me!!!

    I have petitioned my government for more accountability and disclosure on this and all I got in response was a laugh track from on high. I was punished repeatedly for having the audacity to speak up about this. One person alone is not going to solve this. It is going to take the personal accountability and responsibility of every single man and woman on the planet to wake up and smell the coffee and get active and throw the people out of office who have collaborated on this, have the people throw out the concept of "corporate personhood", and have the people fully expose those in private industry who are in sweetheart embraces with the military industrial complex, co-creating this nightmare dystopia to be hung from the rafters with care for their crimes against humanity.

    This isn't just about me and recovered memories. This is a symptom of something far stealthier and more dangerous and far reaching than you could ever imagine. First me, then you. That's how it works. That's what a "human test subject" like myself is used for. As a microcosm, a stand-in for humanity. I am representative of millions if not billions of people. The war on consciousness is real.

  12. I'm also a TI and watched the Conspiracy Theory video for the 1st time (I got rid of my tv a few years ago) and found it curious that only about 2000 out of the millions of possible viewers on YT have actually seen it. Telling. I half think that the episode is a part of an art of war tactic--make your opponent/enemy concede defeat before they even set foot on the battlefield. While it's good to get the info out there (if you want to call a mere 2000 views 'out there')..but the whole vibe is defeatist. And I also agree that the shill who said he was instrumental in coming up with this technology is lying--if you don't fear death then why not name names. Another psychological cripple playing God. There has to be a psychological profile for these people too. If there is one for us, best believe, they have one too. Another thing I've come to believe is that this is not restricted to one TI. I believe, like other government covert experimentation--it is long-term and mulit-generational. I think that's why choosing loners or families that are estranged or creating estranged & fragmented families is a necessary component and reoccurring theme--they need us to be isolated and estranged from other family members who may also be experiencing the same thing--if you don't communicate with each other on a regular basis, you can't compare notes, as it were. I also found it curious that all of the participants on Jesse's show were middle-class whites when I believe based on my own experience, US documented history and the many, many vids on YT, that a large number of TIs are black, female, middle-aged and other people of color. This is the US govt's standard M.O. I don't have any reason to believe that has changed. I think showing TIs who are middle class whites who have been made to believe that something they DID or SAID is the cause of the targeting distracts us from looking at the possibility that they were targets LONG before they said or did anything that might have offended any one. I recall things now from my childhood that were strange and in hindset, I would definitely say that my immediate family has been targets for decades probably. If that is the case, and we are all a part of a multi-generational 'experiment', some where, some agency has this info. We need another FBI/CIA break in, like the one that brought out all of the info about Mk-ULTRA & CoIntelpro.
    finally, I just wanted to add that tho I've been hit with V2k non-stop for 24/7 for at least 5 years now, it hasn't changed or altered my basic, fundamental beliefs, ideals or opinions, so if the primary objective was that--it is a miserable failure. Yes, they can manipulate your thoughts, neurological and biological processes--but they can never change who you are at your core. All this harassment has done is CONFIRM my most basic beliefs and opinions. And mind squatters will ALWAYS be just that--squatters. You'll never OWN our minds. Invading people's minds and thoughts does NOT one iota change anything. That's why they have to rely on tricks and machines--they don't have the ingenuity or intelligence or POWER to do it organically. And to all the TIs reading this: know that if they were THAT all powerful, they wouldn't be hiding in the shadows and sending out shills, disinfo agents and proxies to do their dirty work. That's a sign of a COWARD. Hiding is the same as retreating. What courageous, brave and omnipotent entity do you know that acts in that manner? Exactly.

    1. Thank you for your inspiring words, I.N.
      But am curious: maybe the copy of this YouTube vid I got this from only has a couple thousand views, but I think if you look on Youtube, you might find other versions that have higher views on them too. Blessings, Anya

  13. Hi Anya,
    Yes, it does appear there are many versions of the program posted on YT but they also seem to keep deleting them, I guess as more people are exposed. I never watched it when it 1st aired, as I got rid of my TV a few years ago and only watch tv programs online now. I just found the whole tenor of the show disheartening and defeatist. But i think that's what it was meant to be. I think though that it just takes common sense to 'see' that they are STILL hiding though they will have you believe they are protected by the most powerful 'government' in the history of the world and there is nothing the common man can do. Well, then my common sense mind must ask: WHY hide then? Why send dis-info agents? Why obfuscate the facts with ridiculous claims by plants meant to discredit real TIs? Why not just come on national tv and lay out the pogroms to the general public and your 'legitimate' rationale? If you cannot be stopped and most are too brain dead and apathetic to care? Why do all of this IF you are ominipotent? Their actions don't jibe with their words. Which leads me to believe they are scared of SOMETHING or SOMEBODY--it may not be TIs cuz I believe they could easily send out low life shills or dupes to knock us off--but their actions indicate they are afraid of something. Maybe the american populace isn't as brain dead as they would have us believe (we as TIs are living proof of that--the brainwashing didn't work on us effectively) or maybe they in the depths of their being know that karma is keeping tally. I frankly don't have much faith in the latter..I believe they are soulless..but who knows? Anyway, thanks for providing a forum to vent. I also have a blog that chronicles my targeting that I don't update much anymore b/c I once I figured out who/what was behind this, I learned, I'm sure like most TIs, how to navigate around this crap--my audible V2k continues unabated 24/7 going on for 5+ years now but I now know it's their feeble attempt at Artificial Intelligence--but it sounds like a mentally disabled 8 year old taunting you. Silly and simple minded. Not even the barely functioning and mildly intelligent would be thrown into a permanent tailspin b/c of this. I've learned to hold a job and live my purpose beyond and in spite of this. I have also as a black person in this country realized that the non-stop denigrating comments and babble that I hear daily are just a personalized, concierge version of the kind of programming that all black people ultimately are inundated with from cradle to grave. No different. And that's probably why I can handle it. The only difference is i know who I am at this point in my life and I know the source is wholly bereft of credibility and any kind of morality or authority. So it's laughable at this point. In my estimation, this is just another Tuskegee Experiment. Yes, they have included some other demographics this time around but I bet once the truth comes out--black people and other historically oppressed groups, will be found disproportionately amongst the list of TIs. It is the US 'government' modus operandi and I don't expect this pogrom to be any different than what has historically been the case. I notice a LOT of black middle aged women (as am I) who are on YT & FB complaining about being targets so i found it interesting that Jesse Ventura's program only profiled white middle class TIs. I don't know if this was a deliberate attempt at skewing the public perception (in contrast to all of the videos and black TIs I see speaking out all over the place) or if it was just a decision made b/c whomever makes these kinds of decisions, thought that more people would CARE about this issue if a white face was attached to it? This is the world we live in. Whatever the case, I will forever believe that past behavior is an indicator of current & future behavior. I will end this here with a link to my blog: The Sociopaths Upstairs..

  14. I updated a new copy of the episode here, thanks for pointing it out.

  15. I think the show was sabotaged, and you have to give producers a grain of salt, often they know nothing of the subject. Women who are single and well-educated are the #1 targets for being TIs. White or black, it doesn't matter. Single, smart women are usually the #1 targets. The show producers were under a lot of pressure to perform on a tight schedule, often they would ask people on the show if they knew anyone else who fit the subject matter if they could bring them on as interviewees whom they know. I don't think it was a "conspiracy" to exclude black people from the episode, they were just crunched for time, and there are a lot of white people this happens to as well. There were a lot of men profiled on the show as well- you can't get an ethnically diverse, gender-appropriate sample of people on a show when you have about three weeks to plan it and shoot it. They were on a very tight schedule as I know- I was on the show as well, and things were very "chop-chop, times a wasting" about things. Nobody on a tv show has the time they want usually to research the subject matter as deeply or as thoroughly as they want. There are many, many things I was disappointed about with the filming of the episodes I was in that were shocking and sensationalistic and not handled well at all. But that's the way they do it in Hollywoodland. That's why I have learned that you usually don't look to Hollywood for anything in-depth or well-rounded. It's not how Hollywood works.

  16. And I'm very sorry you keep having that nonsense happening to you. YES, it often is an extremely juvenile person they get in your head to taunt you. I too have experienced that harassment many times. You give a sociopath a toy and its almost a guarantee they will take a childlike glee in using it. They are children, after all.

  17. Thanks for your clarification of the processes of tv production. All that you described makes sense. Especially since most of us have the attention span of a gnat. Can't overwhelm us with mundane facts, now can we? And I'm curious to know why you think we are chosen for this? You surmise it's smart, single women but I'm assuming there are many more single, smart women they can cull from. And I do believe our numbers are relatively small in comparison to the total population. I'm guessing, maybe 1%? Why do you think you were chosen specifically? I still believe we are all multi-generational targets. So this is whole families being targeted. I'm just wondering what your opinions are as to why these particular families have been chosen? Random? A confluence of factors? Just wondering what your opinions are?
    And no need to apologize for what is not your fault. I don't believe it's an actual 'live' person anymore, I believe in my case nowadays it's primarily an A.I.Computer-to-brain interface. It replays the same stock phrases most of the time, as well as piggybacking on my current thoughts, as in, simply 'playing back' the opposite of my thoughts. Basic crap. Nothing sophisticated. I believe it's also accessing my memory. I get a lot of phrasing from my childhood, stuff my mother said to me. lol..I think anything that we have heard in our lives that is stored in our memory; that was said, thought, we've had conversations about, seen on tv/movies, read, heard others talk about--are all fodder for them to use with this AI 'computer'..I derisively call it a tape recorder tho b/c frankly computer would imply some sort of sophistication. It's laughable. But I've also read that that is why it seems the V2k utilizes memory which I believe is stored on the left side of the brain. I read this awhile ago and since my memory has definitely been negatively affected by all of this, I can't remember the specifics of the theory but it made sense to me. And of course, whatever we 'know' is all supposition anyway. But I KNOW what I hear everyday and I know what the remote neural manipulation does. How it's done, your guess is just as good as mine. I totally expect that all of this will be revealed to the general populace one day soon and we will get our justice, compensation and those responsible will get their punishment. In the meantime, I live my life and do what I believe I was sent here to do to the best of my abilities.

  18. Thanks- I think you are absolutely right about it being surface-to-brain/on a pre-recorded schedule, but there's also a capability if they want to override that and interject in real time if they feel like it/it fits a strategic narrative. I have had them speak to me in real time. I've also had who I believe were members of Space Command testing me- I was once told (and this is my own direct, personal, subjective experience here, i can't speak for anyone else) that I was to be "activated" as a telepath liaison in the event of a catastrophic loss of power. But of course there are many fingers in the pie when it comes to Tis at this level. I can't speak for personal vendettas and the like. I have known that I have been part of a top-secret at least program that has to do with my MILABs and involves synthetic telepathy most definitely. I was literally referred to as "The Project" to my face by one of the men testing me in a real-time experiment in 2008 that I did not want to be a part of but was coerced through exotic means to take part in. I did not do it with my full free will. I think it's a confluence of reasons why people are targeted and for what purposes. I have found that in my case, it's a lot of "waste-not, want-not" going on and they use me for whatever is necessary for their needs. It's not fun to be at their beck and call, I can't escape the electronic net they have placed around me. Pretty sure in your case as well as mine there is a multi-generational aspect to this and a heavy, heavy mind control/handler element too. God bless, Anya

  19. Correction- there may not be a multi-generational aspect to your situation specifically, but definitely this all has to do with mind control as well. And yes, I have heard the tape loop effect before many times, it's annoying. It's like you can feel the AI hearing your thoughts and repeating them- or worse yet, I get a thought in my head from the external source and I feel like I'm compelled to say it out loud- very annoying.

  20. It's interesting that you think the inbreds (that's what I call them) are using you for your psychic abilities. Can I ask what may be a dumb question? If you are psychic, can't you 'see' who's doing this to you and can't you somehow let them KNOW you know or some how get them to stop? I've read where certain people who probably know people with 'access', indicating that they threatened to reveal some 'stuff' and the targeting suddenly stopped. If somebody started this, then obviously somebody can end it. I'm sure the psychological cripples like to 'play' god so I'm sure they won't if left to their own devices..but I'm just wondering in your case..and I'm assuming we are both speculating as to why we were chosen for this psychotic 'experiment' & I have to say based on memories that I've had for years and years...I definitely believe my immediate family is also targeted and probably have been since my childhood. Just too many strange things that now since the targeting has come to my attention, now make more sense. Still strange...but the freaks who are doing this are strange. lol..

    1. People expect if you can do what I do that I can do the same thing for myself. I can't. It's a cruel joke or a cosmic function of correctness, take your pick. But I can't read myself anymore than someone who's third eye is closed off could read me. I can't see anything in my personal future. I am terrible with decision making for myself sometimes. I have made DISASTEROUS decisions in my personal and professional life. But for others, I have played matchmaker, I've predicted babies being born, I know when someone is going to die, I've accurately predicted false flag operations and world events- I am REALLY, REALLY good with seeing into the future for everyone else. But for me? A blank. I get inklings and I get feelings to stay away from someone or go towards someone else, but people don't seem to understand that I can't read myself. Most psychics who are real can't. I go to other practitioners to do readings for myself. That's how it works. No man (or woman) is an island. I am completely clueless about lots of things, including ways to go about making my life better, but for other people's lives- Damn. I'm really good, lol! I have a vague idea who is doing this to me. Hell, I've even met a few of them face to face while an experiment was going on. But I really resent when people try to tell me that I can "stop" this. I have used leverage to get some things to stop and they have. I have done things that made attackers leave with their tails between their legs and their hands burning from the fire I gave them for messing with me. But you asking me "because I am psychic" that I could stop it is not so. Psychic abilities are like any other ability- there are many kinds. Some psychics I've met, especially psychic warriors who are trained to kill people with their minds are good at keeping that stuff at bay, but often they are insane so its a double edged sword and they wind up hurting the ones that try to help. I do freak agencies out. There are latent powers I have that when activated clearly scared the bejesus out of the observers who witnessed it. I have memories I don't want to talk about publicly about stuff I've done. I supposedly can lift objects with my mind. But it's a little bit like being a lion in a zoo: what good are those abilities of being a wild, powerful lion if you are kept in a cage, drugged all the time, and cattle prodded if you get out of line just a little bit? Hell, not even a little bit? it's not an even playing field. And I have managed to stop the attacks for the most part over the last year and a half or so. I am doing much better than most Tis on the whole. i have learned skills I don't want to talk about here. Those who know, know that I am a force to be reckoned with and they too have ran screaming once they "tried me out" in terms of psychic attacks. Things did not go well for them. But I do not go seeking attacks on the attackers. I have better things to do- they are pathetic and in hive mind. Exposing them is the last thing they want. So if necessary I do expose them and send messages to people who are protecting me if things get to hairy/strange. Then it stops. Usually. But you're kind of asking me to make a prison break- I would if I could- if there were no armed guards, guard dogs, and barbed wire fences everywhere to stop me. I would if I could!

    2. Further more, I know perfectly well who some of the people are doing this to me are- do you think anyone could help me? Don't you think I've tried? I've tried to petition the government to look into this, they treated it like a joke- you're a TI- how's that going for you in terms of public support and stopping the attacks from happening? What good does it do even if you do get the names of your attackers? They're usually in law enforcement, positions of power or otherwise. Your only hope is educating the public and building a consensus to expose these people. No one is going to take just one person whom this is happening to seriously. Henry Kissinger is supposedly one of the globalists who is involved with my targeting and torture- or so I was told. Do you honestly think I could get anyone to take me seriously on that in a court of law just by my little old self? The man is a war criminal and yet is treated like gold everywhere he goes. Do you honestly think just knowing who my attackers are and the people who have done this to me/issued this on me is going to stop it?

  21. Thanks for your response. I guess I didn't believe that if you really could 'see' who's doing this in your case that you would still be a target. And I have heard before that those with psychic abilities can't 'see' their own stuff. Just thought I'd ask. I guess that's for the best. For my part, all I can do is make a promise that those responsible for mine WILL hear from me and see day. Either on this plane or the next. If they want to play God, then they should be prepared for the fall out. I know that death doesn't exist and that isn't a fear or preoccupation of mine. And I certainly don't fear anything these psychologically crippled cowards have in their arsenal so for me it's just a matter of living my life in spite of this and doing what I believe I came here to do. It's funny b/c for me they have chosen to send local police & helicopters to try to scare me but it's a miserable failure. I know they are someone's pet and that whomever their master is, they have apparently been instructed to keep their distance and make themselves known but not be too obvious. It's also obvious they only 'bark' and retreat when told to do so. They don't ever come close enough to me to do any harm and generally scatter when I pull out pen & paper or my phone to document. Can you imagine how pathetic these low life shills have to be to supposedly have the weight of the system behind them and be protected by tons of steel (police car) or thousands of feet in the air (helicopter)...yet they retreat or keep their distance when I'm out and about? Who in their right mind would think that crap would scare me? lol..only someone who is delusional and mentally challenged. It's really laughable. But realistically, I understand that if this was biz as usual the cops would have NO problem mowing me I'm quite aware that someone is making $ off of targeting me and I'm assuming all TIs. For criminally insane psychopaths, $ is incentive enough and if so called 'research' is being done and they in their delusion, believe that chronicling my reaction to all of this furthers that agenda, then that's what they will continue to do. But I know as of now, the stalking is a game. Of course, it doesn't work but who said that the Criminal network that some call a government, valued effectiveness or results? As long as they figure someone is making $ and they can feel like they have some sort of illusory 'power' over my and your life that somehow makes their own otherwise, meaningless, worthless existence bearable for another day, then hey, who am I to argue? Let them amuse themselves. For now. I know that in the end WE TIs will have the last & best laugh.

  22. Oh yeah, I've written to damn near EVERYBODY about this since I realized what was happening and have received nada. Except one person..the lawyer of a former Gitmo prisoner, his last name is Murnaz, he's a German national. His lawyer sent me a terse response: 'I can't help you.'.lol..other than that. I haven't gotten any responses except from what I assume to be shills, perps and dis info agents. These so called TI agencies, at least the few I've had contact with initially--are bogus and just another way for those doing the targeting to check the efficacy of the pogrom. It's so obvious with their surveys and questionnaires what they are doing. Of course, in hindsight I see it clearly. But in the beginning I had no idea. I'm sure like most TIs are in the beginning--confused, scared and trying to make some sense of this bizarre ass phenomena. Clearly there is an organized effort to keep us isolated and suspicious of each other (of course, the nature of this targeting makes that easier) that we never coalesce and make our collective voices heard. So we all remain separate, telling our stories separately..passing each other virtually while they watch and send in their dumb shills whenever we do congregate online. I don't even bother for the most part any more. But I'm sure that's the objective. Again, I just want to make sure my story is told in my own voice so that it is documented. Even if it is whistling in the wind at this point. So yes, I understand that this is a lonely road to travel and only those who are going thru it too can empathize. Most could never understand. But I still try to make others online aware. The thing that has crossed my mind lately is this: (which may sound crazy to you, I don't know)...I remember when Bush was (p)resident and mentioned the 'internets'..I generally thought then and still do think that he's a frickin' inbred idiot..but that faux paux does make me wonder now if it was instead a freudian slip? What if all of our internet activity is quarantined and limited to a certain area of the internet or intranet? How would we know? How do we know that most of our correspondence and internet activity isn't controlled or guided in a certain way? How do we know that all of the info that we post, 'see' or think we are reading isn't just manufactured and is the same thing those that are not affected by this, either directly or indirectly, see? I wonder that a lot. I know in my bones that FB is totally manufactured and a total info gathering site but who's to say that all of our access online isn't also manufactured? For instance, I've done yahoo searches and had a msg come back that I'm 'forbidden' to access this info. Like who made that damn determination? lol.. I don't know if this has ever crossed your mind or not? I just think it's possible. Their resources are pretty much unlimited and God knows their psychosis I wouldn't be surprised.

    1. Right, the last thing they want is for people like us to be organized. And you are correct, there are infiltrators who divide from within. You wouldn't believe what key "members" of TI "community" have called me. There were many kind, sweet, innocent people I met at the Presidential Commission who were in torment and who were the real deal and then there were the mentally ill and the dilettantes who just wanted attention. It's a mixed bag and there are plenty of distractions to be had amongst Tis and the people who just call themselves one. There's a big difference between the two!

  23. I'm one of these Targeted Individuals but in France. Maybe the main...

    Nevertheless, they are no Gwen Towers in our country... But it seems it works very good without!

    For me it’s not theory it’s experience. I’m not sure how do they manage to obtain all the sensations, symptoms, diseases on our bodies remotely, because it’s not just about voice in the head. But I can say that it’s everywhere.

    Dr Barrie Trower and John Saint Clair for example explain us a lot and you can listen to Rauni Kilde too:

    However, this is not enough. The technologies go far beyond everything we can find on the Web.

    As for this documentary, at the beginning (2:06) and at the end (43:24) you can see like a man in black, and it’s not a chance... In addition, if you look down at 43:24 you’ll read in the same time the name of the executive producer: CROWLEY, which is also the name of the journalist (at 5:00). It’s not a chance too. Therefore, you can see the (all-destroying) eye several times during the film.

    The men in black are under these horrific crimes. I know what I speak about because I refused them when they knocked at my door, like my father few years ago, before his death. They are sent by the chief commander, the eye in the sky, the 666, the devil.

    My website:
    And my blog:

    1. I think the biblical Watchers are real. That perhaps the Men In Black might be those types or a branch/offshoot.

    2. These are everything you want except angels.