Sunday, December 2, 2012

Martian occultists, Satanic hairdos, and me!

Please note in the three images of my arm below, something shows up on the ceiling of my bedroom that wasn't in the previous shot or the shot taken after. It reminds me of a tv screen projected on the ceiling. I didn't notice anything there when taking the photograph.

Here are the images in succession. It began in late October with a strange triangle-shaped area on the knuckle of my right thumb where the skin was scraped off. I woke up with this one morning. There was no occurance of having scraped my knuckle like that the night before or at any time prior to waking up with this. It just so happened to coincide with a reappearance of more marks on my body again after a break of almost three weeks or so (a long break for me at this point.). 

Here's the triangle-shaped "scrape":

Within days, these marks started appearing: 

Please note that of the three images of my arm, something curious shows up on the middle image on the ceiling that isn't in the previous shot or the shot after (all shots of my arm were taken within seconds of each other). It reminds me of a tv screen image projected on the ceiling. I didn't notice anything there when taking the photograph.

 It appears to be the head and shoulders of a man with an unusual hair line, almost a widow's peak, perhaps? It seems he may be wearing a kind of priest's collar or suit with an unusual collar.

 I intuited that this was a Martian human. It's interesting that he has this look. I believe Andrew Basiago described his encounter with a Martian to be sporting a similar kind of  look, and one of the most evil men on earth, Michael Aquino, has been known to wear a similar type of hairdo and clothing. 

I have reason to believe Aquino has consorted with mid-to-high level occult beings on other worlds and these interactions may also explain his choice of physical appearance over the decades as shown in example in this well known photo here:

From left: Aquino, Sammy Davis, Jr., Anton Lavey

And here:

He's always trying to imitate the Martian occultists' look.

Anyway,  the rest since August will be posted soon. A couple are as recent as November, but it's too much to keep track of chronologically sometimes, and the last three months for me have been a catastrophe both health wise and for other reasons, so you'll get an image dump rather than a bunch of little posts here and there. "Enjoy".

Update: A friend just pointed out that some versions of Marvin the Martian, the Looney Tunes character, have a widow's peak on his helmet! Of course it could just be an "M" for Martian. Or could it??? ;-) 

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  1. Sorry to see what's been happening to you, Anya. I don't know what the fuck we have to do to get ahead in this game. If there's anything I can do on an upper level to really help you, I'll try to program that. A lot of it feels out of my 3D hands though. Sometimes my higher selves who are huge come by and really handle business. I want to bring that here 24/7 and really change things for the better.

    Otherwise, I'm going to bring as much energy as possible as quickly as possible. I truly despise the hidden controllers and this bitch ass game of a reality. It's truly pathetic. The strongest are really the weakest, the brightest are the dullest. It's all so remedial, and for what?

    What really gets me sometimes is on the higher realms, I get called out for being pissed off. Like wtf, Sometimes nice is too nice. Jesus. I mean they're not judgemental in a bad way, but still.

    Anyway, forgive my rant, as long as I'm breathing, I'll be fighting to flip this script and then gtfooh! When I'm in a better humor, I'll think good thoughts for you. :)