Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The days and nights of Jean-Ralphio Saperstein

If you are a real-life, honest to God branding and marketing person who has actually already taken the time to extensively listen to my story and would like to do a service exchange, I am happy to take it into consideration ONLY IF:

You are not like this guy:

Or these guys:

Or like this guy (who I actually did a service exchange for five months that essentially was him getting hours and hours of free service from me and that produced nada. Dipsquat. Nothing. from his end):

 Attention branding and marketing "experts": I am not interested in doing a "service exchange" with you if you keep saying in every. single. conversation. we. have: "Yeah...yeah...your story is... pretty creepy. Man, you really creeped me out in that Bases interview. Sheesh! Soooooo creepy. Ok, have you tried? To ignore that part of your life? And just be real positive? And just spread the positiv
ity and light? I am SURE you would get more positive attention that way!"

I don't want to be the psychic equivalent of Rachel Ray, asshole. I am not into being like 99.9999% of every other psychic who is out there. Not interested in putting purple dancing teddy bears and rainbows puking rainbows on my website.

I am interested in people not treating me like nuclear waste, but at the same time have people who are interested in my services and are not intimidated by the fact that I have been in and continue to be in some deep, deep shit. Like most lives, none are without rain. So what? It's what you do with it after that counts. And sometimes people see the creative capital and value in my services by - surprise, surprise-- not hiding what's happened to me! Sometimes people see value in thriving in spite of trauma.

No one is going to buy me acting like Pollyanna anyway, seeing as I would be too busy skewering myself over a live pit of flames if that ever happened. ;-)

If anything, I can put a positive spin on more things than you can, blue pill. I love to laugh, I love life, and the people who are out there who are good are great. I can and do add great value to people's lives, and they don't hesitate to share that fact.

Note: still not accepting clients as I am still quite sick, but on the mend. Will keep you updated. Just particularly disenchanted with so-called "experts" who refuse to watch my interviews in their entirety, refuse to learn about my story, refuse to utter the word "nuance" and yet claim they can "help me" "rebrand" myself to be more "palatable" to the "outside world". Hey "outside world"? If you don't "get" me, you probably never will! I have been as transparent as I think is probably humanly possible. Hire me or don't. I don't care. (But seriously: don't hire me right now. I really am still ill. LOL)


  1. Ok, addenum: in all fairness, ONCE he did offer to read content that I was writing for my website, but by that point I was so distrustful of his advice that I avoided giving it to him like the plague. And I DO have a good web design team behind me right now, I just wanted someone to help me with expanding on that presence beyond the web.

    1. No wait: correction again: I DID call him back when he suggested it once as a sporting effort and left a couple of messages saying I would be happy to do so and that TRICK-ASS BITCH MOTHERFUCKER never even picked up the phone and followed through on that, either! I got my mind on my money and money on my mind, hustler, you played me. Fuck off, after all, Poughkeepsie!!! Turns out you ain't that nice after all!