Wednesday, December 26, 2012

DARPA Building Real Life Terminators Military Robots


  1. Probably we reached a point where things are going to change for COMPLETE better or COMPLETE worst. Do you think telepathy can be a solution for our problems? A society with 100% telepathic individuals cannot have any kind of crime... but it also doesn't has any kind of privacy. The et grays are all telepathic... in their world nothing like what is happening now on Earth is possible. What is your opinion about a society without any kind of privacy?
    I wish you all the best.

  2. Another subject... has anything happened on december 21st? Have you perceived any kind of change? Have your guides gave you any "hints" on this matter?
    Thank you.

  3. Re: December 21st, no, nothing, really. Got dizzy a few times around that point for several days. I will say this, however: Can't speak for any of you, but 2013 is probably going to be a lot better for me than 2012 was.

  4. I think I have elaborated on the effects of no privacy pretty extensively here and in interviews. Do you think it's a good thing when someone at NORAD starts mentioning to you telepathically how many times you've had sex that month with a snicker in his voice? Do you think that's anything less than rape? With great power comes great responsibility. Telepathy in and of itself is not a problem for me. Owning it responsibly is another thing entirely. Most people are not that down with personal responsibility.

    1. What the... If they know this kind of details about what you did probably you have videocameras inside your house you don't know about. It must be very painful for you to go through this kind of things... Yet speaking of telepathy... you know (heard) somebody talking to you but you don't know who that person is (name etc) in a society like that of the greys you know (or can find out) anything about anybody. In a society like that of the greys (I'm speaking only from the point of view of telepathy) nobody would be able to do something like this to you... when all individuals are 100% telepathic responsibility is "somehow automatic" because you KNOW you cannot hide, unlike the person "whispering" to you how many times you did something in a month.
      I wish you all the best.

    2. People underestimate humans and their abilities. You need to get off this "it's only ETs who know everything about you telepathy" track.

      I am sure if the Powers That Think They Be wanted to, they could tell me everything about themselves, but a block has probably been put in place. Because they're cowards.

      But that's neither here nor there.

      I am in contact telepathically with many earth-bound humans, some of whom are not working with the people who snicker in my ear. There's a tug of war for my services and what I can do. So lots of people want to speak with me.

      Yes, the thought has occurred to me more than once that there are cameras and surveillance on me. As a targeted individual, that thought has crossed my mind more than a few thousand times already. I know my phones and computer are tapped/surveilled, so, yeah. It's not that big a leap. It is complete and total surveillance and intel they have on me. This is not a surprise from my perspective, but I'm always amazed when people are still surprised that humans can do this. This should not be news to any of you reading this at this point.

      It's 2012, rise and shine, sleepyheads - we still don't have flying cars, but we do have satellites that can read a recipe on an index card from 50 miles in space.

      My suggestion to you would be to research Eschelon and the NSA's surveillance capabilities and then think about how that in combination with psychotronic weapons and synthetic telepathy can create complete and total surveillance over a human being. Then, on top of that, try to imagine being taken from your home at night, drugged, and implanted with god knows what. They like to think I am a slave, basically. I'm not human to them. They just think of me as a test monkey. Its the ultimate in GPS-meets-electronic dog collar.

  5. In this video (at minute 29... i put the time in the link)
    Solaris Blueraven says that the MIB knew when her mother died and also told her by means of artificial telepathy to go to the phone because her sister will call to tell her about their mother.
    That's amazing... it means that these guys know what the "victims" think at any given moment by means of artificial telepathy. When you say that they know how many times you made love in a month probably they read your thoughts (and even recorded them). I never even imagined this might be possible to
    be done with artificial technology. It's really scarry.
    Have you had this kind of experience? Can they really know WHAT you think?
    I thought they are just capable to "shout/whisper" thoughts to your head by means of artificial telepathy.