Sunday, April 28, 2013

What is and what should never be.

This was sent by an aware and thoroughly observant human being last night. 

He also referenced some codes I wrote about in an old blog post that also included the term 
"Elysium Fields". That seemed to make his ears prick up. I can't locate the specific post this was in reference to, but if anyone can find it for me, I will enclose the link here when it surfaces. 

(Update one hour later):

Thank you to the unnamed viewer who found this until I get permission to use your name for the rapid response! This is a link to something referencing another earlier post; am realizing now how utterly creepy the premise of this film is when you also consider the
 dystopian-class-warfare-and-martial-law-state surrounding the plot:

Still looking for that original reference of "Elysium Fields" which I do remember typing out in a post but still can't quite locate it yet.

Was also wondering about this one. Don't know why exactly yet:

This gave me chills. Please look at this:

Another connection, crazy brilliant in its research and in its knowledge of the esoteric and codes and predictive programming and how it all works together. It also references exactly my prediction of a radiological event in 2013 near a large body of water at a sporting arena/stadium in the US. 

I don't know where the financial district in LA is, but I'm willing to bet there's a neighborhood like that not far from this target:

The black magicians send us portents in signs and words and phrases and numbers, 
ladies and gentlemen.

 To see if we are paying attention. 

To see, dear readers,
 conjunction, junction, what's our function. 

I've spoken to some of these magii. They actually think they are doing us a favor. They actually think they're teaching us something necessary and vital and important for humanity's growth and knowledge accumulation and wisdom and that these architects serve a very important function in that facilitation of said knowledge. 

 Let's not give them that satisfaction, shall we?

But maybe homeless muttering schizophrenics receiving messages from outer space 
are onto something after all. 
Maybe they're hooked into something legit that we aren't. 

 And maybe it's time to look at words and numbers and phrases as something more than a vehicle to get from Point A to Point B. 

Maybe we need to light up the right brain and hunker down and do some detective work more often. 

At least know how the enemy works. Because this is most definitely how the enemies of humanity, 
the foot soldiers and handmaidens of the damned think and plot and work. 

Listen and look closely, ladies and gentlemen. 

You may never get this opportunity again.

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    Furthermore - and this one pretty much got my attention - I am highly interested in everything you found out so far about the "Elysium issue", since I also stumbled upon it, but couldn't really make anything "final" out of it yet.

    Well, thanks again and take care,