Thursday, February 20, 2014

Romantic trouble or past life interference? You decide.

With romantic torpor and attraction as pertains to past lives, consider that the attraction/misery or happiness may not be about love and sex as much as it has to do with memory and forgiveness. 

It's true, it happens.

Sometimes what you think is love and sexual attraction is actually you being drawn to a past life issue with that very special someone that needs to work itself out/be resolved in the romance format to ask for forgiveness/get to know that certain someone under auspicious, rather than "pitted against" or destructive situations from another lifetime. It is natures way of saying "See? I'm not that person anymore, and you aren't either. Let's stop playing this blame game and see it for what it is, which is genetic memory stifled and bursting at the seams to get out and explore itself further." It is a chance to make amends and repair damage done and learn and grow.
Please don't misunderstand me, it's always about love. But it may not be the kinds of love you are thinking of.  Some romances are challenges because of this, others blissful as a result. 

We find one another because we have a beacon, an inner honing mechanism that works itself out beautifully or tragically depending on how often the two (or three or four or many) parties deny or accept the nature of their situations. 

Denial of affection received in a "dysfunctional" relationship means it's hard to accept the other person and yet you are inexplicably drawn to them nonetheless.  
Conflict usually means manifestation or repression of vice, "sin" etc in a person's past life that hasn't been worked out yet. Addictions are manifestations in a lot of ways of unresolved conflicts, whether past or present. It is amazing to me how many people are seeing psychologists when they should be examining past lives where they or another might have wronged; it's amazing to me how much past life frequency there is now popping to the surface.

It's time to forgive ourselves and others for past lives right now. The frequency that should be let in is one of forgiveness to move to the next level of understanding. It doesn't mean you forget the "sin", you simply become aware of the totality of the situation by uncovering a past life or lifetimes that occurred where the seed/trauma was planted and you can then move on often/nearly always quite easily once that happenstance is acknowledged.  I have seen this letting go/forgiveness once the lifetime in question was uncovered work personally and professionally and be radically successful many times over lately. It's solved a lot of problems for people I know and have worked with.

How can you solve a problem if you only have limited information about it at your disposal?
Therapy can help, but often it doesn't cover the deeply rooted spiritual conundrum that edifies and informs our spiritual placement in our bodies, in our minds, in our souls- that's past lives talking, not psychoanalysis at work. 

But whatever works and truly heals is a good thing, I'm not disparaging of most therapeutic models. 
I just see it as usually limited returns past a certain point. It can explain and re-direct, but it doesn't examine the core root causes of certain unexplainable things for which there is a large question mark hanging over the proceedings.

The most nimble of therapists cannot address the core cause of trauma issues without delving deep into the psyche and that means often going as far back as many lifetimes to explore, acknowledge, address, and heal. 

There is something to the DNA and it's not "junk" theories or science. 
There is something connected that cannot be elucidated by traditional psychoanalytic models. 
It's connected directly to the person's soul.

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