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The Emerald Tablets of Thoth [Hidden Human History Deeper Explained +PDF...

WARNING: Lots of  (very funny, actually) swearing from host of show in commentary and asides, probably don't want to play at work. But then again, if you are listening to a reading of the The Emerald Tablets of Thoth at work, you probably have a kick-ass boss already, which in that case they probably don't care anyway. But I digress.

I knew there was a reason I didn't like Thoth. 
He thought he was the OG when in fact he was filled with hubris. 
This is also why the elites don't die and are so obsessed with the occult. 
Don't believe for a minute that David Rockefeller is the actual age that he says he is… 

I would highly recommend a first or second or other review of the film "The Hunger", directed by Tony Scott.

Fascinating reveal that depicts a very Masonic view of the concept of "vampirism" aka everlasting life, whether literal or metaphorical that absolutely mirrors aspects of the Emerald Tablets and antediluvian history.

Catherine DeNeuve's character Miriam in the film is one of the ancient immortals, who looks like us (no fangs) but must partake of human blood nonetheless (read: DNA/life force/soul energy) to live. 
 It's even mentioned that her blood is "alien" at several points, and in the reading of the Emerald Tablets, the immortals are even referred to as "The Children of the Night" just like Bela Lugosi says in one of his many vampire flicks. 

Miriam also sports an Ankh (the Egyptian symbol of everlasting life) mini dagger that is disguised as a necklace that she uses to strike, bleed out, and kill/feed on her victims.

Funny that I had a sudden urge to watch that movie again about four or five days ago ;-) 

I swear I've never listened to this show before or read anything about Thoth, even though people have been asking me about him for years. This is satisfying many issues I have had with the arrogant late-stage Atlanteans and explains much about the psychopathy of today's elite cabal and their endless obsession with ancient Egypt. 

This also satisfies many questions I have had lately about reincarnation and why the energy of the planet is revealing so much information to me in the last several days about past lives. It also satisfies perhaps the urge I have been drawn towards for the last several weeks to open "the crystal palace within" (read: activate people's pineal glands/open their third eye for psychic development/awakening) by finally wanting to teach a psychic development workshop. It posits a curious genetic phenomenon in Africa that could point to the veracity of these tablets as well regarding the Amazigh tribe of Morocco, who are genetically native caucasians with blue and green eyes who say that their ancestors came from Atlantis: (
It also confirms what I have been independently saying, purely by information given to me from my guides and no book or other format, that the downfall of Atlantis happened because of man's arrogance- that he had become fascinated with the dark side and never tempered or balanced it wholly with the light. (Corroborated/mentioned in the 5th or 6th tablet reading.) I can absolutely see from these tablets where much of Aleister Crowley's occult information comes from as well as the Masons. Creepsville. The content therein is absolutely rife with ways that could be horribly corrupted and used against people and it seems the Emerald Tablets have in fact been the basis for many a control system to lord over people with in the form of cults, religion, certain philosophies/ideologies, etc. 

(As for past lives, is it any surprise that long ago in my awakening I was told by my guides that I was a member of this very same ancient Priest class in mention in Egypt who handled these very tablets, and that while I was talented and had a knack for treating/healing people of all kinds- paupers and Royals alike, there was much jealousy and an adept literally stabbed me in the back and I died? ;-)
I resonated with this lifetime strongly when my guides made me aware of it because ever since that lifetime I have had a strong visceral reaction/totally irrational fear about Egypt and that I did not like that place/it was covered in evil for me. 

By realizing this crucial information now however, today just hearing a few minutes of this information about the Emerald Tablets incredibly enough somehow has solved many psychic wounds both literally and metaphorically, as if some kind of puzzle piece has suddenly fit into my psyche, and the fear has been replaced by this strange and wistful sadness and loss of what could have been if my life hadn't been cut short. I was told that I really was a rising star in that lifetime, which also interestingly addresses much of the ambivalence I have about being in the public eye right now as well! 

But it also goes favorably toward mending it/healing it/rectifying it. 
I suspect that as with relieving my clients of their karmic wounds through past life interference by helping them to become aware of them, my impression of Egypt will now be mellowed and transmuted more favorably in the days and weeks ahead. I may not totally ever get over being haunted by that death in that lifetime, but it will profoundly remind me that life is on a spectrum and that fear/trauma doesn't come from nowhere and that the layers and origins of trauma sometimes go far deeper and farther than most people can imagine.)

This reading of the Tablets is worth a listen. If it resonates with you, you may find yourself riveted by it. If they can teach Beowulf to teenagers in English class, they can most certainly teach this. Even if none of this is real (I doubt it, but whatever) it's nothing if not an epic saga of ancient history and twice as interesting. It definitely begs the question as to why this information was hither to only fairly recently been conspicuously limited to only the most obscure of esoteric outposts/adepts. It's not like most people have the Emerald Tablets of Thoth lying around their homes. Just sayin'.

Here's a video with my friend Sean interviewing John Urwin, the soldier specially trained who supposedly was sent to recover what he was led to believe were some kind of instructions a la the Emerald Tablets (similar most likely Atlantean tech) that opened stargates in a covert/black operation in the Syrian/Lebanese/Israeli border in the 1950s. It certainly is intriguing. I am getting that John is not a confabulist, and I believe him when he says that one of the people who trained him was not Earth human as we understand it

(Here's his background story below if you haven't yet seen it yet- like with me, there's several kinds of interference in his interviews usually. Not saying we are connected in any way shape or form other than through Sean and Miles, the progenitor of the Bases series, but it is interesting how we both have encountered serious and very deliberate-seeming technical interruptions in each of our attempts to get our respective stories out- also interesting how John didn't know that I was being interviewed by Miles and he called in the middle of Miles filming Bases 15 with me. Miles said that John calling him was an exceedingly rare occurrence, and he felt that it was even stranger still/more synchronistic due to the fact that he called while Miles was interviewing me.) 

And if you want to see the actual interruption on film, here it is at about the 8 minute mark:

I think I need to lay down, my head is spinning! 

UPDATE, 3 MARCH, 2014:

This seems like a hilarious synchronicity for a hilarious video. I swear I hadn't seen this until just now, even though it was posted on Youtube on February 25th, 2014 - right next to or the exact same evening I watched/got the urge to watch the film The Hunger. Wonder of wonders...The Universe definitely has a sense of humor… ;-)

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