Friday, February 21, 2014

This Is More Than Likely Reverse-Engineered Technology.

Laser-pulse data delivery systems are advanced beam mechanics used by ETs and I have seen these beam pulses before in my night sky watches. You see two ships who send laser pulses to one another delivering large volumes of data in a single go through this beam technology - I liken it to sending a  file to a friend in an email or IM to download. 

Obviously, their technology is more powerful and advanced than ours, but this seems suspiciously like what I have seen in the night sky with my experiences with ships, etc. 
Of course I could have been viewing secret space program ships doing this, but again, not surprisingly, this tech has been kept from the mainstream probably for years if not decades longer than officials would lead you to believe. 

So apparently they want to include this on the development of the Mars mission, unsurprisingly. The origins of this tech were probably reverse engineered and stolen from crashed craft ONI/the Navy or segments of the US Army shot down, or the NRO had taken to Los Alamos to study and make prototypes of based on the information from the tech taken. 

Again, your tax dollars at work, blah, blah, blah...

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