Thursday, February 6, 2014

Can't sleep. (Re: Sochi Olympics)

As I type this, it's around 5 am Eastern US time. By the time this post is published, the official start to the Olympics will already be happening in about 5 1/2 hours.

As this is about to be the starting day today, I am sorry to say I am still not feeling very good about the first week of the Winter Olympics in Russia (re:  Cannot shake this feeling. In spite of the news bluster about security concerns at the event, security is very good, but not THAT good.

 I feel like individual participants and their coaches and/or some dignitaries have hired armed guards independently just in case, and of course the news is saying terror threats have ratcheted up, but there is some kind of skirmish around three or four people, possibly Americans caught up in the middle of this as victims, people walking on the grounds outside the Olympic village or arena where the public can walk outside of the arena games regarding a bomb going off, a bomb threat or explosives worn/ unfortunately are near a suicide bomber if a bomb goes off.

This is either an attempt or actual attack that if it occurs, none of the athletes are harmed, but one or two western civilians might be if this happens, possibly also one of the coaches or someone connected to coaching somehow (I pray it doesn't happen but I just don't have a good feeling about this). Possibly three people getting injured/killed including or in addition to the bomber if there is one wearing a vest/explosives. Two of the injured/dead could be US citizens or possibly Canadian- if not, they are Western.

 The explosives look like a package of hot dogs, 6 or 7 links packed neatly side by side, either worn on a belt somehow or vertically held in a lock box or tight metal box of some kind that prevents exposure to heat of some kind- it's like a cold storage thing to keep it from igniting until such time as the bomber needs to. Very cylindrical and rounded and each is about 5 or 6 inches in length, they are all neatly stuck next to each other. They look like tubes and are like a grey green/olive color, the texture is soft like putty, but smooth. Highly explosive/volatile material, am getting even body heat could set one off. Maybe even contact with air could set it off. I don't know what kinds of explosives these are.

Within the first week of the games it goes off or the plot is thwarted but someone or a couple of people, possibly on site security guards, find(s) the bombs/equipment/person wearing the vest bomb, etc. on the grounds or literally just outside the grounds where the games take place and they alert the bomb squad/police. On or near the main gates to get into the Olympic park is where I am getting either this thwarted attempt or actual bomb going off happens.

At the entry gates with tons of people streaming through at the beginning of the day, either morning when some event's just about to begin, or late afternoon/sunset when some event has just ended and people are leaving- I'm more prone to think it's morning.

Feeling like this could happen easily in the next 24-36 to 48 or so hours of me typing this even. If there is something, it will be timed for the public entering and exiting times- or, if it's a suicide bomb, it could be the bomber walks a bit more inward/inside the Olympic park area and either attempts to set off or actually does set off explosives/bombs in an area where lots of people are strolling right outside the main arena- a red brick or dark cobblestone curvy/gently winding walking path on the way to the arena/near it.

 If it's a suicide bomber, it could be a caucasian woman with pale skin of thin to average build, chestnut brown or possibly reddish shoulder length straight or slightly wavy thin hair (very wavy/curly if they have reddish hair) and average height (5'4"-5'6") or a thin, smaller man with pale skin and brown hair, or a thin teenage boy with medium or darker brown short hair that is shorter on the sides and fuller on top if it is an actual suicide bomber/the person(s) who place the bomb.

I am getting this is something to do with Chechnya for some reason.
(The origins of the bombings/people doing the bombings.)

As with every dark prediction, I really hope this doesn't happen/is thwarted. Prayers….



7 FEBRUARY 2014 10:20 AM ET:

So almost  exactly 30 hours to the minute after I posted this original post there was a thwarted bomb threat by a suspected terrorist on a commercial flight that landed safely in Turkey: 

The thwarted hijacker claimed there was a bomb on board and wanted the plane taken to Sochi. Not exactly "right outside" the gates of the stadium, but then again, I am reading now in the news after the fact that the terror threat for the Olympics wasn't just high, but "extremely" high, and of course there could have been thwarted or prolonged or delayed plans I was picking up on as well that either didn't bear fruit or changed paths. Such is the prediction game/business. I would like to say "I still consider this a hit", but would that be in poor taste considering the context? With a shudder, I must say that I am glad we got through the first week without anything happening but as I write this, the Olympics are still in full swing. 

Praying all is well and everyone gets back home safe and sound. 


  1. Hey Anya been worried about Soichi as well googled it and came across your profile.Never Blogged before but Spirit can be insistent! Basically - Keep doing what your doing!!! If you have any Celtic Ancestry look into it,Dreams are important. Take Care and Enjoy Chris

    1. Thank you, Chris! Spirit is quite the insistent caller, ha. I am part Celt, actually! In addition to being many Northern and Eastern European nationalities/ethnicities, I am part Welsh. Blessings, Anya

  2. You are too negative. you can't predict anything positive. It's people like you, that are the true fear. For your hope and sanity, it should be wrong. I think the world is tired of hearing negative future and no hope in sight. You should think before you speak, and hope your third eye is not deceiving you.

    1. I am perfectly sane. The insane ones are the ones who engage in magical thinking. There is hope- there is also positivity in abundance- but I am not doing my job as a psychic if I only do "positive" readings. Some people appreciate an early warning system. It allows people to prepare and hopefully might even stop something "negative" from happening by someone taking action to prohibit it. I think good and well before I speak- that's why I'm a psychic medium. It's a huge responsibility. You don't seem to understand what it is we do. We tend to predict the future- but we are not in charge of it- we are simply reporting the timeline we see. Don't shoot the messenger. For the record I am incredibly optimistic for the future. There's a lot to be happy about. Why don't you look at some of my other predictions, including new developments in nano tech from 2009 that accurately predicted how it would help humanity tremendously. For someone so against negativity, you are awfully negative and fear-based yourself! If a person only looks at things one way, that's all they get. The future is not set in stone. But intention counts for a lot if enough people are determined to blow up a football stadium. Unfortunately, the Law of Attraction doesn't just apply to you, it also applies to people with malicious intent as well. We need to understand this before we say "You attracted that". Sometimes yes, sometimes, no- sometimes someone else's will superseded our visualizations of how we'd like to be. Each terrorist attack is a reminder of how divided and disempowered humanity feels because it has only been given certain bits of information while at the same time finds comfort in conformity and dogma. If I did what you said and conformed to how you think I should be, I would not be me and you would be hampering my growth. How is that "positive"? Am I hampering your personal growth by speaking the truth of what I am getting psychically? Blessings, Anya

  3. I hear you punch kittens, make fun of old people and are responsible for the spanish inquisition...... seriously thank you for all you do and putting your neck on the line. To your commenter accusing you of negativity..... If the house is on fire someone needs to call the fire department...just sayin

    1. Hahaha! Thank you for that great comment. I really appreciate your common sense and your kind words. It'd be nice if I were only predicting that every person on earth was getting endless ice cream roller skating parties with a whole room filled with My Little Ponies and birthday cake all the time but that's not what I am here for!!!

    2. Preach it from the mountain sister. Oh, and If I can find the time/get off my butt I have a theory as to why you might be waking up with those patterns on your skin. Take care-stay warm-and keep your eyes open (all 3).