Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Soul Snatcher Caught On Film

I was guided to write the following information. Do with it what you will, accept this or not, I don't care. But it's to your own detriment if you decide this isn't a real phenomenon. It is.

Okay, I realize this is provocative and probably not what people want to hear about because it is dark and scary, but here goes: there are such things as inter dimensional soul snatchers. You probably won't hear about this from the "love and light" crowd because they don't want to talk about this topic for fear of bringing in the "fear vibrational frequency" but personally I think this is poppycock as there is something you can do about this if you are psychically aware. 

I see not talking about this subject as doing a disservice to the public and actually creates more fear and superstition and leaves more people, not less, in a vulnerable and disempowered state thus causing more problems, not less. 

The "fear vibrational frequency" that so many in the new age community are so scared of confronting as an idea is as silly as being scared of a broken leg- by most love and lighter's logic, if you broke your leg, don't look at it, don't go to a doctor to put a cast on it, don't do anything that would "provoke" the broken leg- it's utter and complete nonsense as a belief system and completely dysfunctional. 

What love n' lighters are telling you essentially is, gloss over the topic, don't think of it, and when God forbid something like this actually happens to you, well, you did it to yourself and you "attracted" that evil entity! Just like a bear was attracted to your scent- you did it to yourself if the bear decides to eat you. That's the most heartless and despicable belief system I can think of, but welcome to the New Age way of thought. (And people tell me the CIA and disinfo agents and Satanists haven't infiltrated it. Okay, whatever. Good luck with that, people.) 

Ok, so here goes: I need the most people possible to successfully and responsibly open their third eyes to make sure THIS kind of stuff never happens again. This is a soul snatcher. In this case this is something or someone or an ancient soul who hasn't grown, who, like straight out of a fairy tale, comes in and takes your soul when you aren't ready/are unaware/left completely open with no psychic protection to save you/protect you. 

Only clairvoyants and other seers usually see these things- these ancient inter-dimensionals often get mistaken for aliens- and some say they are one and the same thing. I dunno, but what it is is bad and draws in a negative energy to the person- this person in bed who later died I am getting, did nothing wrong to provoke this but was a bit of a disbeliever in things like this, thus preventing them from ever "seeing" unseen forces with their third eye themself, thus preventing them from ever having a form of protection from this sort of thing- inter dimensional soul takers use the dead body's soul energy to feed on as life source for them to continue their addiction to gathering souls. What these soul eaters are doing is just like any addiction a person would have to food or anything else. 

They entrap these people - they literally hijack them- and in doing so prevent these poor departed souls from ever fully entering the light unless exorcisms on the dead souls are used. I have successfully done this in at least one situation I can consciously remember- in this case Satanic ritual was the thing initially used to trap the souls of the dead at a former military artillery range over decades that was later subsumed by civilian or for-hire by the occult cabal Satanic sects in the area and was used for elements of the occult within the local and regional mafia to dump bodies. 
I swear to you on all I hold dear this was connected to UFOs as well in the area and military research on the occult too. 

Unfortunately this goes very deep- this creature standing on the body of the soon to be departed however is a free roaming agent, not affiliated with any "demon summoning" rituals or the like, it just was. 

These beings have never grown, never known love, never known light ironically, so they become voracious eaters of human souls because it's the closest they've ever come to being human themselves. They usually had only one or two human incarnations before going "dark" as they say and joining the conundrum by becoming one of the darkest forces on earth as part of an energetic contract with the soul eater force itself. 

If this sounds like complete lunacy, so be it. But this is the ancient force of the universe doing its work because we collectively have manifested constructs to understand duality principles. These things don't work if we cut them off at the pass and they starve/incarnate into something else if they can't get what they want. 

They are thieves. If we have a built in "security system" and a group of people around us when we are dying to protect us psychically with prayer, etc and/or other forms of conscious protection (i.e. have a seer nearby who can see these things enter if they do and know what to do about it when it happens) less and less of these soul grabbers will have work to do/ a food source and thus we will aide and help cleanse the spirit of the planet by acknowledging these ancient entities exist. 

The Illuminati, the Masons, etc., DON'T want you to know about this unless it is through oaths of silence under death to keep quiet about it and hoard the information themselves so they never let you John and Jane Q. Public grow and they centralize power so they can know all about it and keep it all to themselves/use it in rituals themselves to "cleanse" the earth of this-- but not for benevolent reasons. 

They want to "cleanse" the earth through MIND CONTROL-  NOT through Holy and Divine means. That is why I am saying that Masonry is Satanism (one of the basic beliefs of Satanists who have chosen the left hand path is mind control and psychic control over others so you can be "God") and there is a direct connection through the lodges that this is what it is to protect and defend sacred information that should be our birthright through generations and not through a secret society who lords information over you as an adept/accolyte/initiate to gain power and control instead. 

It is unholy and ritual is not necessary to gain power and information about the esoteric if you are truly enlightened. When the Illuminati say they are "illuminated" they really are not, they are charlatans PERPETUATING this phenomenon by remaining silent about it to the public AND by insisting that the only way to find out about this ancient system of energies is by joining their group. Nonsense. Nothing could be further from the truth, it's all lies and their "releasing" of energies is for power and control only of a nefarious nature. 

In general, Masons are not to be trusted. They are either duped themselves or actively duping you. DO NOT trust their will to solve anything, no matter how good their intentions. At best, most of them are misguided, and they are all liars, and professional ones at that. That's what the definition of a magician is (Masonic esoterica is a form of magick). Their whole bag is deceit and consolidation of power for control purposes. The ultimate end game for Masonry is concentration of power through duplicitous and ulterior motives.

Anyway, whether or not this image is real (I think it is), this is what these demons look like more or less with slight variations from time to time, but essentially, yes, these soul stealers/eaters do look like this. You CAN fight these things off. Unfortunately, and no one seems to have mentioned this yet, it looks like it's got someone in its arms -probably/most likely the soul of the soon to be departed or someone whom they just snatched. I think he may be ready to get/already got to the person in the bed and it's not surprising that this person died a few hours later (again, if this picture is real, I think it is). The body is very vulnerable to manipulation when the soul is missing. Life force energy is part of the soul and it's very easy to entrap people when outside forces can manipulate soul dynamics. 

I am usually against teaching classes for psychic development because so many people want to use that ability for self-serving purposes and that's wrong, but this is a serious issue and I believe I can teach something to ward off spirits for the time of death if it warrants it- it's just there's so many people who cannot see and who do not have discernment that it's hard to separate the ones who really can fight this stuff off and the ones who do it just for vanity and are not really seeing this stuff with their third eye. 

You have to separate the wheat from the chaff and usually these beings are NOT announcing themselves and showing up on a nurse's monitor. You have to be aware of the subtle energies in order to be a grown up about this and too many people aren't. I think I am formulating a class now in my head and hopefully in the future I might (I can't believe I am saying this, but whatever) be guided to actually teach a class first on becoming aware of subtle energies and then guiding people responsibly about how to use them. From God's lips to your ear I am typing this, I hope I can do the job right! Stay tuned.

 PS- all is not lost- you can recover the lost spirit of the person taken and guide them to the light. The universe allows you all the do-overs and 2nd chances you want, and that even includes reconstituting chewed up soul and revivifying it to send to the light. Matter can never be created or destroyed, it just changes form. The soul eater construct is really just that as well and with matter and form all can be transmuted. All soul eaters can repent as well and transmogrify into angelic form too- you might want to call these things fallen angels if you prefer the term, because often that's what they are.




  1. Wow that's pretty freaky!

    speaking of fear frequencies etc, what do you think of Bashar?

  2. He was one of maybe three or four channels I respected until he went on Mike Clelland's show and tried to deflect away from the MILAB phenomenon and said it was something it wasn't. I can't remember the specifics, but pretty much with the exception of Barbara Marciniak, these channels deliberately try to avoid at any and all costs the concept of bad things happening to good people and not only is your free will involved with something, but that sometimes people's free will is subsumed by others and they take away your choice. It's always the same thing with him, and also pretty much with every channel you hear regardless of affiliation: you ATTRACTED that energy to you. The only solution is RAISING YOUR VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY. They know nothing (or refuse to speak) of people taken from their homes against their will by paramilitary private corporate/military industrial/scientific industrial complex invasions, they know nothing of human test subject testing, they always say the same thing: it's your fault that this happened to you, it's always "if you talk about dark stuff, you will become dark"- it's so fear based what these people are preaching, ironically enough. They preach magical thinking- and I have found channels like Bashar are wildly inadequate for subjects like this- for the soul snatchers. Bashar is channeled by someone named Darryl Anka, who is good friends with Kim Carlsberg, a famous contactee. They even wrote a book together and I believe he drew the illustrations in the book. I know Kim as a Facebook acquaintance and unfortunately she is pretty mind controlled by negative Grey ETs/her ET captors. Most of the contactees and experiencers she knows are also owned by the negatives. Most contactees and experiencers and channels are HORRIBLY manipulated by the aliens they are in contact with and their heads are so turned around and upside down that they become mere shells for the information they get- now you could say the same thing for myself easily. Except I admit this phenomenon exists and they do not. A sign that someone is being manipulated is that they don't question anything happening to them ever. Another sign is that they unquestioningly believe that what is happening to them is good without questioning that belief system or where it came from. I believe channelers for the most part are deceivers who are NOT giving you the full information you need to make an informed decision. I was swayed by Daryl's channels until I started hearing a common thread in them that was also in other channels from other people that made sense *only to a point*- YES you have a basic blueprint that you designed in the lifetime between lifetimes that places you in a unique position in space and time to experience certain things. You get to build that basic blueprint. But here's where Daryl and Abraham Hicks and all those others for the most part and I part ways: they preach this "You attract EVERYTHING that happens to you and it's your fault if something bad happens too" thing that I think is immoral and wrong. Because that is not how the Law of Attraction works. That is a deceitful, incorrect, and magical thinking way of looking at things. It's also not scientific at all. The Law of Attraction is a force of magnetism to be sure- but what these new age gurus neglect to say about it is that when you visualize something to draw it to you, you neglect to understand about what ****other people are visualizing too***. There's this feeling I get with channelers, and I could be wrong here with some of them, but with some I feel like they haven't challenged their material enough or edited it or allowed it to breathe as a concept before exposing it to the public-- their discernment seems off to me. And that's a problem.

    1. Another sign someone is being mind controlled/traumatized/both is that they obsessively, compulsively go after the same thing again and again and again- symbols, fears, etc- that they can't get rid of. That's more obvious of course that something negative has happened, but in these people, in some kind of Freudian attempt to control what's been done to them, they glorify their trauma and try to turn it into something it's not. I worry about the whole synchro-mystic community that is almost entirely comprised of white men who most are unconscious contactees and/or experiencers, and some are conscious of this fact- all are fear based. I know handfuls of them, most are COMPLETELY obsessed with me either pro or con and I have personally scared them almost to death in some cases with interactions we've had where a black helicopter showed up right next to a silver disc that was NOT friendly - rather than look at what this is and fight it, most of these people are paralyzed with fear by it and only go so far as the obsession step, never moving beyond it like a little child. Psychic development of course is the next step beyond here with them, but they never seem to want to actively participate in their own emancipation in that regard- just like most men want women to be their emotional lives for them, the men in this cult of "synchromystical grooviness" (ugh) want me and ONLY me to be their guide on this. They want me to be the Oracle, the Mystic, the Sage- never understanding that the Universe guides us to that which is us already and these men, none of them whom I have encountered/know, want to own any of that part of themselves. They never want to stand and fight back. They just want me to take care of it and/or call me the bitch/witch/idiot who pointed this out in the first place. Both instances of mind control here that I have described - either so clueless about what's happening to them that they don't do anything or completely aware that something's been done to them and are so paralyzed by the experiences that they don't do anything -- neither are good. Most of these people who are aware of it and do nothing are cowards, plain and simple. If I have to be their savior and the person with all the answers , they are going about it all wrong.

  3. Anya, I appreciate what and why you have written and and know it will be put to good use in this world. Nice to see more writing, as well. Blessings to you.

  4. Thank you so much, MN! Your kind words really mean a lot. Sometimes I feel like I am just yelling into the black chasm of internet space and the echo is deafening. It's hard sometimes to know what the impact of these statements have on others. I try really hard to do the right thing. It might not be popular at all, but I try to do the right thing. Blessings, Anya

  5. If there is intrusion during death, what do you think about the possibility of some kind of intrusion that might happen after death – even when the soul enters different realms such as during the light review?
    In an article, Cameron Day argues that most of the so-called light review with its tunnel and light beings and Lords of Karma is purposeful manipulation. Mean spirited interdimensional beings would create it to deceive people, to make them feel bad, to control them.
    This seems to be a disturbing idea. Since if that is so, the majority of near death experiences are written by the deceived.
    Whole libraries of spiritual guides and similar literature would need to be questioned, because the light review is not the golden moment of universal truth as it is so often portrayed.

    1. First of all, I don't refer to anyone who wants to help humanity as "Lords of Karma". Never heard the term, never been guided to use the term, the term has no meaning for me, sounds made up. It seems to me that this is disinformation of the highest order, and anyone as obsessed with the oft-used, very misunderstood term "Ascension" is as this person appears to be is not in heart but in very paranoid mind. People get SO hung up on the term Ascension to the point where it means pretty much nothing. If anything, I have come to the understanding that those obsessed with "Ascension Mechanics" are the ones who are really being deceived. If they spent half as much time as they do on "incarnations" instead of dealing with their karma in the here and now through good deeds and healing, they'd actually be getting somewhere. Instead I've had many people with genuine concern approach me with a straight face about what will happen to them if they don't get to ascend to 4th or 5th dimensional frequency. I feel sorry for these people, a hundred years ago they would have been the same types terrified for their souls because the Lord saw them lie to their mother about something or they stole a piece of bread or something. It's magical thinking and for me is a complete waste of time. It's time better spent on personal development, in my opinion- they might see this as just that, but I have a different definition of what constitutes the term. When I point out these crazy inter dimensional things like these soul snatchers, it is not to freak people out or scare them- or give it more power than it is assigned as a phenomenon. If anything, I am doing it as a challenge to their personal development to understand that these things exist on the spectrum just as any other negative entity in 3D form exists in the spectrum, and while it's criminal activity, it doesn't mean you are helpless or incapable of doing something about it. You have all these tools at your disposal, but I find this article somewhat tipping at windmills about it. No one should be in awe of spirituality or of beings or entities or anything paranormal. That's my point. I am glad that this person doesn't seem intimidated by any of this, but they do seem awfully agitated about them, which says to me that they still hold some kind of "Father God, Mother Creator" parent-child relationship hold over the author. I have never seen my guides like that. They are friends, they are absolutely equals, they have nothing held over me or nothing on me- they are not extortionists. This person seems to think spiritual hierarchy is all about lording something over you when nothing could be further from the truth. My interpretation of all of this in my direct personal, completely subjective experience is one of love for the ones helping me with my goals and that they are ultimately teachers and friends and family, nothing really much else. What I do with that isn't held at the barrel of a gun to my head, it's a mutually agreed upon, co-collaborative journey that we have been on together since time immemorial (or at least since the co-joint decision to have me incarnated for the very first time.) I love them and am not intimidated by them nor do I feel kowtowed by them to "do" something against my will or by guilt. Does that answer your question? Thanks.