Friday, June 20, 2014

Death of Bankers, Richard Rockefeller, May Be Sign of Economic War as Well as Message to Nazi Scientists

Would like to add that I think the death of Richard Rockefeller was definitely a message IF in fact he was murdered/this was a hit. I think it was. But that the third party who would have committed the hit Farrell is talking about would be possibly ex-military, definitely black ops.

Keep in mind, Richard wasn't just on the board of many a "philanthropic" "humanitarian" (ugh) organization, he was also a scientist. It would be a mistake to brush aside his work on PTSD, but not for the gushing reasons the media would have you believe.

You see, DARPA's cure for PTSD is implanting a chip in the brain of soldiers.
The cover story is that it "helps" soldiers "heal" from trauma, but a dark reality of this technology is that it can also be used to turn soldiers into emotionally dead super soldiers incapable of empathy or the ability to feel regret, guilt, or remorse for any killing or harm they've done.

Here's the really Neat-o science behind my statements that DARPA has in mind for (eventually) all of us!

While Rockefeller was primarily interested in drugging soldiers to the gills with mind altering substances like MDMA 
 I find it impossible to believe that he wasn't also interested in/aware of what DARPA was doing. 

Often in MK-ULTRA style trauma-based mind control (and who better to choose as the perfect group to study of traumatized, order-following people than soldiers?), they use a combo of electrostimulation of the brain with drugs to alter people's perceptions and thus make them more pliable/open to taking subliminal and direct cues. 

Evenutally, as is the case with science sometimes, technology and medicine does merge. 
I wonder if in fact Rockefeller was murdered, that he had plans to merge his science and findings with something like what DARPA has in mind? Maybe if he was killed, the killer knew something we didn't know about the military industrial complex and what it has in mind for its members? 

Keep in mind, this is a Rockefeller we're talking about here. Nobody spends more money and PR on making themselves look like the saviors of humanity than them. When you look at what the Rockefellers are *actually* involved with as opposed to the PR spin of their public image, it's not pretty:

They're Nazis. They want to start a super race of people who are "genetically superior" cyborgs. Period. End of story. So when you think of who might be behind the death of Richard Rockefeller, understand that this battle might be more than just about economics. 

Just my take on things. I believe that elements or factions of the deep state military who want to help humanity are deeply at odds with what the Nazi banksters/globalists have in mind for humanity.
So if in fact there was a multi-faceted reason for the death of Rockefeller IF in fact it was a hit, it would have something to do with brain chipping/drugging/mind controlling soldiers as well.

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