Monday, December 7, 2009

Ed Grimsley corroborates Gary McKinnon's claim that he found a list of "non-terrestrial" officers when he hacked the NASA database

Further evidence that we should all do everything we can to ensure that this travesty of justice regarding the unjust and heavy handed extradition of Gary McKinnon to the US should be blocked at all costs. We the people have an obligation to see that the truth gets out there and that Gary is tried on his home soil for the "crime" he committed. There are hundreds of people who have hacked into NASA while he was doing this, some even from non-allied countries, accessing far, far more damaging state secrets than what Gary was doing. It is clear this is a kangaroo court scenario out to destroy one man to set an example, even though NASA didn't even bother to mind the store by placing passwords on the computers he supposedly "damaged".

And can someone PLEASE finally go there and talk to me in depth on record about my experiences with the secret space program? Seriously, can one of you researchers finally grow a set and GO THERE already? I am getting REALLY tired of providing information regarding my work as a civilian telepath liaison for these "non-terrestrial officers" who supposedly work "side by side" with ETs and not a one of you will touch it publicly with a ten foot pole, but privately you are all doing a happy dance when I tell you.

You all know who you are, each and every single one of you. I feel like the fat girl whom everyone passes by at the dance but who never fail to say "but you have such a pretty face". Dance with me, already, people! I ain't doin' this for my health. It's time to get it out there. If it's disinfo I am being fed, then SO BE IT- but don't you think that if I really do have a
"neuropathic transmitter" in my head that supposedly the NSA claims they placed in me, THAT's news worthy enough as it is???

If it's mind control, don't you think you'd like to find out WHY they chose some random woman in the Bronx with an MFA and no interest in pulling the wool over anyone's eyes? If it turns out to be disinfo, then WHY? Don't you guys think it would be worthy to look into this? Jesus Christ already somebody take this seriously. I just want answers as to why I am being targeted for telepathy experiments at the very least- maybe some of it is human some not, who knows? If I find out it was 100% human involvement the whole time, then I want answers as to WHY as well, shouldn't anyone have a right to know WHY they are being fucked with as much as I have if that is in fact what it is - and not a one of you has publicly so much as said anything about this but behind the scenes EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU are hyperventilating on the spot. Some of you are very famous researchers and can tell when something is real and something is not pretty much immediately. Most of you have done the exact opposite of dismissing it out of hand- privately- privately some of you (and I even have the emails to prove it) have even stated "this rings true" "Holy Moley, what an incredible story!!!" etc etc--- Ok, so if you can't get out of your field of specialization, then REFER ME TO SOMEONE WHO DEALS WITH PEOPLE LIKE ME. What the hell is wrong with you people? Can't a one of you at least help me just a little with finding some answers? That's all I want! It's not like I can go to the library and find a damned book on the subject. I've had corroboration after corroboration happening to me for the last two years telling me what is happening is real in the news, with other scientists and hackers and researchers, and YET- and YET they won't speak to me for some reason. It's totally bizarre.

And those of you who dismissed the secret UN meetings out of hand- your arrogance is going to bite you on the ass eventually. "They" are banking on your incredulity to keep doing what they are doing behind the scenes, and they are laughing at you while they do it. Show some moral courage and take public interest in what I have to offer. If I am a scammer, fraud, con artist- it will reveal itself in time. Why am I putting myself out there so publicly? It's not like I have anything to gain from it. Is it a coincidence that the beings, if that's who they are, made me so psychic in the last year I literally cannot stop doing readings for people? Like, literally: compulsively doing readings for people. I literally had to abandon the day job because this calling was so strong that I couldn't stop. Is it a coincidence that I have contact and communication telepathically every night and all day practically with these people/beings/whomever they are? What is WRONG with you people? I will submit to any medical, scientific, psychological, literally any kind of exam you want. I will do WHATEVER it takes to get to the bottom of this. I just want answers. I want to work with you but I CAN'T because you won't touch my claims with a ten foot pole!!!!

Consider this my hissy fit and challenge to you to find some moral courage and research my story already.

My journey with researchers has been infuriatingly frustrating and disappointing to say the least.


  1. You sound very upset and angry but I couldn't understand why from your post...have you checked Lisa Renee's website?

    She also receives a lot of information and helps a lot of people along the ascension path. You might find it soothing.

    much love and peace

  2. Hi, Stacey- if you read my story and my attempts to get this into the mainstream you will understand my frustration. We are here to awaken and assist others, not just ourselves, and if I can't reach a broader audience regarding my particular story with the secret space program (something Lisa is not involved with to my understanding) then I am just spinning my wheels. Right now I am a sub-category of a sub-category. Not exactly what the beings have in mind... I don't need tools for awakening. Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. What I want now is coverage. I have to get the word out there. Period, lol- I'll be crass about it, I need screen time! There's no time to waste, and I've spent a year and a half dithering with these people, spending all kinds of emotional investment on them saying one thing and doing another to no effect. It's not that I need to get the word out because I AM SO GREAT, lol- I was told I need to get the word out about this thing that's happening to me specifically. Not interested in having someone tell me what I already know about myself, but I am interested in spreading the word of my experiences in order so that others can hear about it and awaken themselves and be aware of what disclosure means to them and what the withholding of the secret space program means as well. Lisa Renee is not the final word on starseeds, I'll tell ya that much! There is no "One" definitive source. My experience might be similar to hers, but I promise you, we all have different skills and her site alone is by far not the repository for all things starseed. Mine is unique in that it is tied in with disclosure and being an Ambassador and being a civilian telepath liaison with the secret space program and creating time portals- something I can tell you right away from what I have been told, that not even many Starseeds can do, much less "human-humans". Her skill set is something else entirely. I, for instance, do not and cannot perform etheric surgery. She can. We all have something unique to contribute. And what might be useful for all intents and purposes for her might not be so much for me. Since I am supposed to be a diplomat liaison, I need to reach out to the mainstream as well as to people this is happening to. Getting into yet another starseed group hug (again, been there, done that, bought the t-shirt) is not the whole point or purpose of my mission. While I am happy Lisa is doing what she is doing, my path is a little different than hers. Thank you for pointing her out, though, and she is contributing beautifully in her own unique way!

    Love and Light,


  3. Hi, Anya. Well, okay ~for starters, you are not a human being you’re a spiritual human being. Many, many of the "just human beings" don’t get it because they are unconscious. I understand your sense of frustration. It seems that a group effort by starseeds and enlightened minds alike is required to get any actual progress going. I heard something positive on the radio today. An (American) announcer was saying that the U.K. should be spending more money on the UFO research program, you know, get their arses moving by putting more genuine energy and effort into this kind of thing. Those ‘scientist’ and ‘researcher’ folks that you indicate might not be ready for truth, either; some may well never be. Hang in there. NOw please don't claw me for sounding cliche, but Rome wasn't built in a day. o(^.^)o

  4. We're all spiritual human beings, 2020a. I am not a God. I am not special. There is no "just" human beings. We are all unique, all special. Don't separate me or isolate me as "The One". We are ALL the "One". We are all here to save ourselves and take responsibility for ourselves. Stating I am different implies in your response that I am somehow better than someone else. Haven't you listened to a word I've said, dearie?

    Additionally, I just got an email from someone who was in intel and called himself "a burned out spook" who confirmed what is happening to me in response to the most recent posting and stated "you don't even know how close you are to the answers you seek". So I am not regretting this bitch session in the least. It was exactly meant to provoke people into directly engaging with me. I knew people would be coming out of the woodwork eventually, because the beings told me so about a year ago. I was just priming the pump as it were. Something had to give.

  5. Hello…I’m not regretting this in the least, either. Just because a person is 'unconscious' doesn't give another the right to look down on him~her~them. I am sorry if seemed as if I was making ‘you’ separate from ‘me’ in that last post. Such a separation was unintentional/illusional, for at best I also know that we’re all one. *wink* Namaste.

  6. p.s. in stating that an individual is not a human being (but a spiritual human), the implication is that being human is more - a phenomenon which goes beyond verbiage, or the spoken word. You-we are VERY, VERY close to getting the answers which are being sought. Now, again I don't wanna be at the receiving end of a hissy fit. God bless!

  7. I realize being a spiritual human is more- more connected to one's self. But when one says

    "you are not a human being you’re a spiritual human being" that is denying the non-connected person the dignity of self hood they uniquely possess and places them further in duality and separation.

    Being a psychic now, I go into people's lives and see all of the perspectives of everyone in a situation-I am literally watching a past hurt or grievance or incident like it's a movie on a screen, except now I can "see" the perspective of each person involved, no matter how reprehensible, violent, vulgar, obnoxious, or, for lack of a better term "unseeing" they are, I can never again say I don't see their struggle to unify themselves and I can tell you this, 2020a, they too are having a spiritual inner life. They too are also having lessons learned and being and doing- it's just from another end of the prism of existence. I now know having gone down that rabbit hole that NO human is "not" spiritual or "less" spiritual. Everyone is trying to do what they can with the tools at their disposal. Once you experience that, it gets much more difficult to say that someone is more spiritual or less. If all is one in the spectrum then all is infinite shining example of that experiential reality and I don't/can't judge that anymore. Even if the person in question really pisses me off, lol

  8. *LOLOLOL* Well, fuck, yes - of course. I have listened. And okay, I'm willing to give you that much. I was hoping that you would use your gift(s) as a psychic to 'read between the lines,'so to speak. I have denied nothing. Claiming that someone or something "isn't human" is not a rejection or denial. Cats aren't human. I believe that your ego had made a value judgment. What's wrong in making an assertion which cannot be (dis)proved? Hell, in saying that someone is not a human being was never intended derogatorily here. And I would think that we'd be wise or spiritual enough to realize that it is okay for entities to be unconscious. It would be desirable for such persons to learn how to be less unconscious, or more focused upon the truth that we are spirits incarnate in fleshly bodies. When I wrote that I understood your sense of frustration I wanted to expressed compassion.

    By the way - if I were to metaphorically place myself in your 'fat girl at the party' scenario, without a doubt I'm the skinny wallflower who is seated next to you. We are VERY CLOSE. Hang in there and God bless.

  9. You know, It might just turn out to be that the mainstream public hasn't given the intention for it to be a part of their reality yet. Your story is of a very high vibrational frequency.

    maybe it's physically impossible for your story to go big at this particular point in the time line.

  10. official opening of cosmic 12:12 portal tomorrow -- may or may not be of interest, and definitely NOT about buying a T *lololol*...