Monday, December 14, 2009

Exciting updates! Part 1: Ongoing coverage of me on Binnall of America

I will be featured in a series of articles about me beginning this Wednesday on Binnall of America's website! The fabulously talented writer, author, and tarot card reader A.M. Murphy will be covering the ongoing series. I have really enjoyed her company these last few weeks as she continues to interview me. She has a great sense of humor, doesn't miss a beat, is incredibly warm hearted and clear eyed.

Here's a link to her column on the site:

And to her website:

And of course, the link to BoA:

Links to all of this will also be found on my "Links" column on this blog to the right shortly.

For those of you who are not aware of their web presence, BoA has quickly become the dark horse go-to source for all things para, with interviews on their audio shows ranging from guests such as Jim Marrs to Nick Redfern and everyone in between.

I greatly respect the crew and writers of the show. Tim Binnall (the founder) is a wunderkind, only 31, he's been on the roster for Coast To Coast AM for a while and is on the "sign off" list each night on the show now along side industry figure heads such as Art Bell, George Noory, Ian Punnett, and George Knapp. It seems to me Tim might even be the heir apparent for when the Old Guard is ready to hand over the post. He's got a dispassionate investigator's eye and a healthy sense of humor about the whole thing and I do so very much appreciate that. I also like Tim because he asks the questions I would ask, not a very common feat in para reportage, lol- He "goes there" if you catch my drift.

Look for the series about me on the BoA site under A.M. Murphy's "Not Always So" column beginning this Wednesday, December 16th.

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