Thursday, December 17, 2009

Update #3 re: Binnall of America article

CORRECTION: A.M. Murphy just told me that Tim is on hiatus with BoA until just after the Christmas holidays but that he is definitely publishing the first article on me the week after Xmas. Sorry for any confusion. 


  1. Wait - Is TIm Binnall buried in a cramped metal box? I'm confused...

  2. Possibly, but I don't judge. Whatever floats yer boat, man... Your chakra is looking very sarcastic today! Woot!

    By the way, someone just left a comment under the same vid I did about COMPASSION on my Youtube channel and this is what they said : Mentally unstable

    Can you feel the love tonight? What is it about the word "compassion", Mike, that makes people so, er, not compassionate?

  3. I thought my chakra was all aligned to be funny. I'll keep my humor confined to drawings from now on...

    And - I deeply LOVE your compassion you-toob video. Really. There is a deep poetic message, and it's beautiful.

    Anya - the internet has a lot of creeps, but you and your kind message is touching some of us - I know, cuz it's touched me!

    And WOOT! is what an owl sez, right?

  4. I think an owl says WHOOOOOO.. As in "Whooooo are Youuuuuu" like the Who song. You are the expert on owls here, not me! Oh, wait! Your phone is ringing! I think Coast To Coast AM wants to do an interview with you for making the magnanimous decision to look up at the sky at night and see owls! I think Whitley wants to write a book about you for seeing owls! Spielberg just bought the rights to your screenplay, and guess what? It's all about seeing owls!

    I'll just be over here in the poverty tent peeling potatoes while busily being ignored with all the other female experiencers, lol