Monday, December 14, 2009

Exciting Updates! Part 2: Acceptance into Best American Psychics!

I am beyond thrilled to announce my acceptance into the limited roster of psychics for a very exclusive website called Best American Psychics. As opposed to other sites, they only allow a total of 15 psychics per state to participate in this enterprise, and I made the cut! I met the owner recently at a show in New York City for the trade, and we really hit it off. Normally she would contact people later to do interviews, and calls herself a "skeptic until proven otherwise", but I guess she sensed something about me because she said "I normally don't do this, but would you like to be interviewed now?" To which of course I said yes - I gave her a short reading and after a while, the information I was giving her was so accurate, she said "Enough, enough, you are on the roster, you made it, you are the real deal" !

Currently I am representing the state of New York, but if you are not in New York and click on my webpage on the site, I will be able to work with you as well regardless of your location. Eventually I will have a national presence on the site.

My page:

Another reason I am beyond thrilled to be a part of this is that the integrity of the business is sterling, and in practicing this philosophy, the site has attracted the winner of the Lifetime show "America's Psychic Challenge", Michelle Whitedove! For those of you who aren't aware of this woman, she is a POWERHOUSE- the coup de grace of her winning the show was that as one of the challenges, she found a man buried alive under 6 feet of dirt in an unmarked ten acre ranch in the middle of the desert. She literally stood on top of the spot where he was buried. Here's footage of this incredible event, this woman is the real deal and I am so proud to be on the same roster as her as an esteemed member of the site:

Check it out and if you want to hire me for a reading, group session, or public speaking event, by all means contact me!

Love and light,



  1. Thank you! It means a lot.

    Love and Light,


  2. Anya, that's awesome. Love, light and blessings!

  3. Anya - Okay, I just buried myself in the dirt in a cramped metal box, but I am NOT gunna tell you where I am. Now - find me - and dig me up - PLEASE!

    MIKE C!

  4. Not a chance. It's zero degrees where you are, are you crazy?

  5. Wow, again I feel like I'm supposed to meet you for some reason. I had worked with the police looking for a little boy's body (we never found him) and I asked a guy (Jeff Baker) that was on America's Psychic Challenge to come and help me. He was on the show with Michelle! Several times during his stay, he would call her for help. She told us that she felt like we walked right over the body. Jeff asked her to come back with him some time and she agreed. But they haven't come yet. That was 2 years ago almost.

    Traci A