Saturday, December 19, 2009

Have new radio interview up on Ask 1 Radio

I have a new interview that I don't yet know how to archive, but here's the link, scroll down on the player to December 17th and you'll hear me talking more about my run ins with ghosts and entities- my formative experiences that I don't talk about much here.

Click here for the radio player

Click on the program titled "Best American Psychics with Shay" and then scroll to the December 17th show. That's me!

I was told it's also posted on Psychic Faces? I dunno, haven't visited yet but I supposedly have an account there?

Could someone tell me how to archive this show so I can put it in the links portion of this blog? Thanks.

Sorry about the donate button popping up everywhere as well, am new to HTML code and will hopefully reposition this somewhere that isn't on every post!




  1. Wow...that was an engaging interview (from 12/17.) When I was growing up, I also used to spend hours standing around/lingering in the paranormal~religion~spirituality section at libraries. I do happen to believe in spirit possession, demons and ghosts. However, I've never met any. Namaste.

  2. Here is your audio file:

    Pass for archive = Anya

  3. Anya - I was deeply impressed at your stoic professionalism during this very serious interview. Do you have any other interviews I could listen to? (just curious)