Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mike Clelland! Interviewed me!

I still have these darned donate buttons up. Sorry.

This is NOT a typical interview,  I do apologize for my potty mouth. It was more a conversation that Mike felt should be recorded. In part two, I do surprise myself by a really interesting reading that the beings were more than happy to oblige even if I personally was by that point feeling F-R-I-E-D, and not because of dear Mike's presence, but because I had been doing that all day by that point. It is an intriguing reading nonetheless that covers topics such as skeptics, atheism, and how songwriting is a metaphor for channeling.

To my extreme delight I found that this conversation was pretty funny too- this is NOT me in "serious" interview mode, so maybe it's best heard while sipping a beer or three, I dunno. I sincerely hope I don't offend anyone. If I do, apologies in advance. Enjoy!

Click HERE for the interview.


  1. Anya - You are WONDERFUL on that audio podcast, but who was that mumbling guy?

  2. Thanks, Mike and Anya.

    This completely made my morning. I was laughing along with you two most of the way and found it really informative at the same time. I'll have to go back and catch some of the names both of your dropped.

    Take care,


  3. Thank you, and please do, Chris! Here are some of the websites:

    And Miriam Delicado's sites are in the links section on the right hand side of this blog, both for Blue Star Prophecy and The Great Gathering.

  4. It's so obvious that you are NOT mentally ill! Listening to this interview....well, you are funny, and intelligent (both of you) and there is no way that people seriously think you are mentally ill! I admire you! Thanks for sharing! (P.S.- Yesterday my friend emailed me a website on crystal skulls....I had no idea why. I asked. She thought it was interesting....whatever! I tell her maybe we'll go to this crystal skull thing they are having in Tempe, AZ on 10-10-10... Then today I hear this interview and mention skulls!) Anyway, thanks for sharing! Traci

  5. Thanks Tracy-A,

    I'll chime in and say I personally do not think I (or Anya) are mentally ill. I will say that these experiences have added a deep level of stress to my life, and I bet I act stressed out because of it. And I suspect people might "read" that stress as sort of intimidating. The tension is real, and it can be challenging.

    I'm glad you listened...

    Mike C!

  6. Mike,
    Just curious....I sent you an email last month, and I wondered if you got it?

  7. Traci - Yes, I got the email! I'm traveling, I'll be home soon for a proper reply!


  8. Traci, THANK YOU- I really really appreciate your supportive and kind and sweet words. It really means a lot.

    The crystal skull part is all up in that! It's really shoving it in it's face lately, isn't it? And by "It" I am sure I mean Max. You are probably supposed to meet a skull then, lady! Let me know what happens with these serendipitous skull scenarios.

    I am meeting an obsidian skull soon at Yadir and Everest's, SO EXCITED. Will def. post an update and hopefully there will be video coverage as well from the reading I am doing for them from friend Charity, film maker extraordinaire.

    xo A-

  9. And THANK you Mike, too!

    Best Bashar Voice,


  10. Whoops! Amy wilson's site is:

  11. Anya,
    If I go to see the skulls, I'll definitely let you know how that goes. I've never 'been into' skulls before, but I feel like I must need to go look some over for some reason! LOL Is there a way to email you other than posting a message and hoping you'll see it?



    If you feel an inexplicable "need" to "speak" with one of these things, don't squash it. People feel compelled in the same way you and I do to see them, I don't think it's because they are just skulls, whether you are into skulls or not, it's definitely some kind of ancient technology of some sort and the receiver at the other end it seems might want to establish contact with you as well!

    Love and Light,


  13. Important factoid about the interview.

    Anya was very reluctant to let me use the funny B&W "Metro Card" photo on my blog. But, I was sort of insistent, I mean, it's just so perfect!

    I like that picture, there is something goofy about it. And if she is ever the guest host on Saturday Night Live, she should use that same picture in the promos.