Friday, April 5, 2013

Control Unit

I think it's funny that Dan worked on this type of program in 1989 and I was working on a very, very similar type of experiment (telekinesis instead of telepathy, but to me very similar, probably utilizes the same part of the brain) only 2 years later, and that I blurted out to the engineer working with me on it "Is this Alien?" with Sherman as well strongly suspecting that what he was working on in "school"was at the very least a co-joint project with aliens and humans.

I also think it's funny that he's the third person I know of to openly admit they were a part of
Project Preserve Destiny. (Stan Romanek and Dan Burisch are the others.)

So we've got two men groomed from youth who were influenced heavily to join advanced projects and/or the military who both know they were "tweaked" by ETs when their mothers had them still in the womb. Then you have a civilian like Stan who doesn't consciously awaken to the fact that he's a contactee until adulthood, all involved with Project Preserve Destiny.
 I was told right from the get go that I was a civilian telepath liaison and also didn't find out I was a contactee who was heavily "tweaked" until I was an adult as well. I was also told (telepathically) that I was being used for this in the event the electricity went out and there was no other way to communicate. I would like to start meeting people in these types of things.

Why are none of these people in mention in contact with me? Don't you think we should at the very least get together and compare notes, fellas? Don't let my association with Casbolt scare you if you're worried about being discredited by even so much as having a phone call with me.
I can't Harry Bosco these things implanted in my body and teeth. I'm certainly not confabulating the telekinesis experiment.

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