Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Future is Not What It Used To Be: A Meditation On Predictions


Suddenly I'm writing about predictions for future world events. I don't know why.
A big part of what I do deals in possibilities, potentialities and timelines, but for individuals, not whole swathes of people.

We do have a certain individual and collective amount of power over our futures. We just don't know it, most of the time. Nor do a lot of us believe we have any personal power over our futures, so much of it is left in the hands of those who do know how to create that part and a lot of those types are nasty people you wouldn't want to hang out with.

The big secret is that this power is not under the exclusive ownership of these nasty types, but they have suppressed that information and kept it to themselves for eons. And on top of that, they've told your scientific industrial complexes, your houses of worship, your academic institutions, and your media outlets that it doesn't exist for a reason: they don't want you to have that knowledge.

This is often referred to as "reality management".

So I guess part of the testament of prophetic vision is to bear witness and to responsibly become aware of setting intentions and connecting them to the power of thought, and to get people more aligned with a mutual outcome that is more beneficial for all who listen. This also comes with the understanding that thought and life are on a continuum as you are a multi-dimensional being and that your thoughts can have a life outside of the corporeal form. This then gets sticky as a subject to talk about, because then you get into the physics of quantum entanglement, the meaning of life, and the subject of life after death, which suddenly becomes more grey area than most atheists by a mile are comfortable discussing, but I digress.

By understanding what prophecy is and how it can guide people towards or away from certain outcomes or experiences, it can generate more agreeable outcomes and outcomes without the nasty types always having the fun and no one else getting any "fair chances".

Alterations and changes to the "future" (whatever that is, we are multi-dimensional and simultaneously living it while we are living in the present and the past all at once) happen on a moment by moment basis, but for some reason I'm suddenly getting the urge to write about predictions for the world in a cluster of events or-- who knows for how long I'll be doing this particular thing.

Usually I am much more comfortable one-on-one with people, talking with them about their past lives, talking about their relatives or friends who have passed but who are in the room with them right now, talking with accuracy about what has happened, is happening and will be happening in the *individual* sitter's life in the near and somewhat far future, but this whole "prophecy"(ugh, a word I am not comfy with) thing,  this thing about talking about mass potential events that have an impact not only on individuals, but on the world and history in general-- that part I am just suddenly getting acquainted with, and other psychics (some of whom I know a little bit) do a much better job of it than I do anyway.

Look, I'm just being honest, I know my strengths and weaknesses, and PROPHECY (cue sweeping movie soundtrack) for world events just seems a bit-- operatic for my skill set and personality.
I'm new to it. But here goes, I am being guided to talk about this, I'm being asked to step up to the plate in a bigger and grander way, so I will mention them more and more publicly as they come up.



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