Sunday, April 28, 2013

Operation Ring of Fire / "Broken Arrow! Broken Arrow!" (re: my prediction of a radiological event on US soil in 2013)

Not trying to be fear mongering here. But I swear I had never heard of this operation before, nor had I any idea these articles existed prior to writing the last article yesterday:

Might want to compare notes here with what was said in my Bases 21 interview in January, 2013:

 (possibly a blending of two events- the Boston Marathon bombing and a nuclear attack on US soil)- one of the links in the above article mentions Nebraska, one of the places I mention as a likely hit site,  California, which I have mentioned here on this blog several times, and among many other potential sites that have been planned to be hit in a cluster of events, which is also what I have been saying.

If the real perpetrators of this plan ever carry through what they have planned and are caught and exposed, God help them. For there's no telling what a starving, cold, angry mob will do to them. 
 A particularly vivid example that is immediately brought to mind is what the Italians did to Mussolini and his mistress.

Don't think your underground bunkers will save you either, perps. There will be people dragged out by their hair as they scratch the earth with their fingernails trying to stop from being taken out and courts-martialed, but there will be a judgement day for these architects if this goes down.

Just some food for thought. 

These posts are coming faster than I can keep up with. 
I hope all these endless corroborations don't amount to what they could. 



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  1. nuclear incident drills to start Monday in.... Montana.