Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's funny

Sometimes I think Hollywood is hooked into my neural network. Now I think they really are. 

DARPA already has info widely publicized for popular consumption about the exoskeletal "super warrior" titanium (and moon material?) based hardware, but it appears that there's software embedded into Damon's head as well. 

Another fun fact is that a couple years ago I think it was, I received coded words, numbers and phrases to write out, and one of the words that kept coming up again and again was "Elysium". If it's a project, this is the predictive programming movie trailer for it.

The people in the military end of things really wanted me to keep quiet about sending Damon a message a year or so ago as well. I had no idea the name of this film was "Elysium" or that he was involved with it.

You see, I can remote influence people consciously, but that's another story altogether.
With great power comes great responsibility.


  1. Back in the 90s (and some in the naughties), there were several shows (Right now The XFiles comes to mind) that came out shortly after I started to become aware of and look into my connections to the Montauk Project as well as doing some UFO research. Probably just a synchronicity, but interesting timing. And, I have had the same remote influencing ability, which I regrettably misused in the past. I'm not sure if I can access that again. Perhaps it's for the best.

  2. If you feel you abused that trust and power within you, perhaps it's best to step back and look at what got you to the place you were less than pleased with in the first place. It's enough that you recognize what you did was a violation of what the remote influencing ability is there for and on a quantum field level as well, people's psychic feelers will pick up "naughty" people who want to influence things not for the better and will sometimes subconsciously "block" that negative influence. Once you realize you are part of a continuum and you have all the time in the world to recognize the arrogance or drunk-on-power feeling you relished when you did this, the quicker you can recognize why *you* took it away from yourself. If at anytime a mechanism is broken inside us, the universe will gently and lovingly give us the chance to make amends very quickly if we are man or woman enough to just owe up to it and move forward in our mistake, recognize that trigger the next time the temptation comes up and move away from acting negatively on it. Have compassion for yourself, always. That is the first step towards love. Then and only then can you have love for others as well. Love and light, Anya