Saturday, June 15, 2013

Anya Briggs: Leading UFO/ET researchers mind controlled by Grey ETs at J...

Feel free to play the Beastie Boys song "Sabotage" before you listen to/watch this.
 But it's a good one in spite of the weird Powers That Think They Be non-stop tampering and cello playing. (This is now the fifth interview in a row that has been tampered with live and in post.)

As an aside, the part where I challenge the legitimacy of the Erin Green Hicks interview was chopped up due to tampering issues. Due to the loss of footage, it makes it sound like I am demanding that Hicks alone has a lot to owe up to, and it's true- strong claims require proof, of which she has none.
But that said, in the tampering of the video part of the interview that was lost, prior to my reference to the Hicks interview, I was speaking of Kerry Cassidy at Project Camelot, who REALLY has some explaining to do. The lie of omission is still a lie, and mis- and re-direction is a lie as well, however well-intentioned or not her head space might be. 

The irony is that you the PTTTB, you have just expanded, rather than contracted my voice and what is being said.  Instead of it all compressed in one place and time, now there will be a live cast expanding on this subject even further. 

Maybe that was the plan all along.
 I know you paid, pathetic shills all have a crush on me and this one-sided flirtation you attempt is just more of a pigtails-in-inkwells way of saying you are in love. 

You know that realistically you would never stand a chance with me anyway, so this is the closest you'll ever get to scoring. What big, strapping, virile real men you are hiding behind the computer screen in your Big Brother's basement.

Whatever, I don't care what your plan is, your plan is boring and will fail and you're all cowards and some of you will have to answer to tribunals sooner rather than later than you think. 
That's an inevitability, just as much as you can be certain of Spring with rain.

 The results will basically be the same regardless if there's one interview I do or many spread out over time: Humanity wins.


  1. Anyone who resorts to technology ignores the supreme technology which is man. Perhaps common people do not pay attention to what these kids do as they intuitively feel their actions are silly and childish. As the Chinese sage said: "Wait at your front door and you will see the corpse of your enemy passing by", however these do not qualify as enemies but as clowns not conscious of being clowns. Of course bad kids can do harm but how will they manage to kill immortal beings? In just a couple of hundred years they won´t be around, for sure! :-)

    1. They will be greatly diminished and the world view will be in a metaphorical assisted living home. '-)

  2. THANK YOU 4 speaking your truth ~ I appreciate it.

  3. Thank you, Catalina! I appreciate you listening.



  4. I don t Know why :( I don t know who ;( but I Know you are blessed.
    and Love hurts us all. thats what make it so Sweet .God bless you ps use all your Senses not just one .they can t control your soul ..

  5. Those aligned with the dark came in and edited what I wrote to you, Save souls. Joel