Friday, June 21, 2013

Anya Briggs: Multi-Dimensional Factors Affecting the UFO/ET Disclosure C...


  1. [ Smiles ] I looked at the very video early today. I will admit that its content is most interesting!

  2. With so much BS going on among the Super soldier summit folks, including Kerry C, I am posting just to say 'Anya your words and thoughts are not going unheard, at least by me'.

    I have been following all of these people and their stories on the web since they went public.
    Others who like myself, watch the videos,(many times over) read the statements and listen to the radio shows of all of you.

    Yourself and Solaris Blueraven are the only 2 that I give any real credibility to.

    All of the other femaile SS just string alot of words together but say nothing. Nothing that is not already published on the web.
    They don't give us any real information like you and SBR do.

    The male SS are a mixture of real facts and utter BS. It is that obvious!!!
    Mental illness is rife with these people.
    But that would be par for the course anyway. Having dealt with alot of mentally ill people myself, I know not to dismiss everything they say.

    The SS saga had many chaptersto go yet. What many fail to realise is that there is always a sequel!
    Time will tell with regards to everyone. Erin Green Hicks and Sarah Adams(Rachel) are clearly suffering with mental illness.

    While we all hope they get better and healed, we still want the truth as this is why this info is put on the web by yourself and others.

    Please rest assured that those people who you are telling your story to are listening. We are not all gullible fools.
    Women like you and SBR are a credit to the female side of humanity and humanity itself regardless of sex.

    Thank you for what you do so the rest of us can know what is going on.

    Regards, Stephen ,NZ

    1. Hi, I would be careful with Solaris. In spite of her claims that she has "successfully" deprogrammed herself, she is still heavily programmed. Beware anyone who has all the answers. Her reaction to my deep concern that she still had many programs still running without her fully being aware of it was swift, violent, and irrational in the extreme. She threatened me and also attempted to (Lamely and unsuccessfully, I might add) psychically attack me for bringing up her "Lone Wolf" program(s) still running in the background. She is being very heavily controlled by someone and if it isn't flat out Neal Peart like she says he is, it is someone who is one of the heaviest control freaks I have ever experienced in my life. Beware ANYONE who attended that conference's intentions. No one escaped that thing intact and without at least superficial (and sometimes deeper) attempts at attacks, programming, and in some cases reprogramming. No one exhibits good judgement in thinking the Super Soldier Summit is worthy of serious attendance. It is not good for humanity that thing. I stand by it. The sheer level and volume of CIA infiltration I picked up on that thing and the haphazard way that event was produced is evidence of something nefarious going on here. Word to the wise: stay away from anyone who thinks that attendance at that show is beneficial for anyone.

    2. And thank you so much for your kind words of support! It is very much appreciated. Blessings, Anya

  3. Hey I talked about you on my show today inregards to you blowing the whistle. I am right now questioning Anthony Sanchez that is happy admitting how wonderful thins ware I thibk you shoud check out his Facebook page and see our conversation

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    2. Anthony is a friend and he has his take on things, I have mine. I stand by what I said. He's okay with that. Blessings, Anya

  4. Nice energy between you & Alfred in that interview.