Thursday, June 6, 2013

More From The "Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction" Department:

Hilarious that people even thought I was making up the telekinesis experiment that I was a part of in 1991. This is pretty much exactly what I was a part of, except now in 2013, the experiment is using DRONES. People need to start taking me seriously, and fast. It's to their own detriment if they don't. 

Please stop relegating me to the News of the Weird. At what point does Rachel Maddow stop guffawing over people like me and start dealing with my experiences as if they were legit, because they are? How much longer can people keep sticking their head in the sand about what I've been a part of? I'm not doing this for my health, people! 

Here is a link to my Bases 21, Part 1 interview detailing my experience being a (this time paid) test subject for a telekinesis experiment at Ohio University in 1991:

And below here is the article to the story. Listen to what I am describing in the interview and see if it isn't almost exactly what's going on with the University of Minnesota experiments. State schools in America are almost always funded heavily by the military industrial complex as incubators and research and development facilitators, namely DARPA, NASA, and also private defense contractors. 

In my case, I believe it was NASA and the company that later became Northrop Grumman, or if it wasn't them, Lockheed Martin, who funded the experiment that I was a part of. 

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