Monday, June 10, 2013

In Other News, Water is Wet

In case you've been in a coma and just woke up and haven't heard about this yet, here:

GEE, WHAT A SURPRISE. Actually I was surprised to see a Booz Allen Hamilton employee doing the right thing. Which automatically makes him suspect to me, in the same vein/way that Julian Assange grew up in a eugenics nazi cult* and is an alleged CIA asset working for THE PLAN (excuse me, "theosophist" cult, which is the exact same thing as slapping a bumper sticker on the back of your car that says I HEART HELENA BLAVATSKY*).

Eh, progress usually takes the form of two steps forward, one step back.
I'm sure there'll be some interesting dirt on Snowden that comes out eventually, just as it always does with people who stand up to tyranny and hypocrisy worldwide. Most of it will probably be false  accusations and total fabrications designed to discredit and defame him and to muddy the waters.

I can't relate to that experience at all. I wonder what that's like!

I also wonder if Snowden's visited this blog. 
I've used the Booz Allen label in combo with the CIA for SEO searches enough, the good Lord knows! 





and here:

Booz Allen, leggo my Eggo! You keep crawling into my hair and thinking you can make a home here without paying the rent. That's what Max Spiers did to me for months,  I don't need any more grifters and crazy people in my life, thank you very much! It seems the overreach of a "private" corporation like Booz Allen seems to have a lot of connections and access to the CIA, hmmm... look where they sourced this guy from.



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