Monday, June 3, 2013

The Folly of Men Who Rule New Worlds


  1. "The Folly of Men Who Rule New Worlds"?

    It could just as easily, and perhaps more accurately, be said, men and women, to avoid the sexist implications of your chosen title, and, regardless of whether such worlds that both men and women may wish to rule, imaginary or not, old or new, materialistic or otherwise, the question must be asked, depending on why and how anyone may wish to rule any "world," is that inherently folly, or not?

    In the end, I would say yes, for to want to "rule" any world, or land, or even just a home shared with another, is to desire control or hegemony over others, which, due to being unequal, when it comes to your fellow living beings, is also thus unjust, in most cases, although there are just and fair exceptions.

    But one must be exceedingly careful when accepting the strictures and presumptions in any hierarchy or human-created organizational structure, and one must always strive to see how best to treat and do for others, as you would wish to be treated yourself, generally.

    There are legitimate exceptions to that, also, unfortunately. Again, it all depends on... a variety of things, does it not?

    Or, is that folly? In a way, all and nothing, simultaneously, may be considered and actually be folly, or not, in the end.

    But, with this proviso: I can almost always only say maybe, but then again. because it depends, this in only my opinion. Your mileage may vary...

    Oh, and hi, there, NNIC! One question: Who watches the watchers who are watching the watchers when they should be working? Hmmm...?

  2. Mr Sawyer that was so cringe worthy i hope dearly you don‘t see a point well made in not getting a reply back.

    Start teaching yourself the difference between BEING intelligent and making a valid point and TRYING far too hard to look intelligent with a round about play on words as a means of getting your opinion across.

    Ms Briggs thanks for being you. Love and peace

  3. Menolly, I just let Mr. Sawyer have enough rope to hang himself. Thanks for the kind words.