Thursday, November 7, 2013

Al Bielek talks about Phil Schneider

 Al mentions Nazi scientists being brought over before Operation Paperclip *prior* to 1946.

If the time my mother said my Grandfather was treating (or rather refusing to treat) a Nazi scientist for a foot condition while being held at Wright Patterson Air Force Base *during* World War 2, then there might be a possibility that this obstinant scientist was brought over to the States to work on temporal experiments as well. 

Someone corroborated for me a while ago in an interview I did that Werner von Braun was also seen at Wright Patterson in handcuffs being taken by armed guards through the halls of the base *during* World War 2 as well. 

I am not saying anything definitive here, but it's also interesting to note that  I have absolutely been used in exotic, deep black project experimentation, am a contactee/experiencer/targeted individual who has definitely been involved with telekinesis experiments and possibly even Montauk-related time travel/virtual/mind control/psychic experiments/operations and then noted connections to my Grandfather being so close in proximity on the timeline to what Bielek is claiming.

I have more questions than answers of course, but regardless if my mother was mistaken about the time she claimed my Grandfather was out at Wright Patterson, whether it was during or after World War 2, this is incredibly strange and is giving me the most jarring sense of resonance here. 
It is eerie, quite frankly. 

I should add that having personally met Duncan Cameron (Al's brother, a psychic who supposedly was in the Montauk and dimensional/time travel experiments) once at a public appearance in Manhattan, I can 100% confirm that this man is without a doubt one of the most psychic people I have ever met in my life. 

He also activated something in me so that my temporal and quantum mechanic field was disrupted/hijacked so that I automatically started remote viewing places and astral traveling simply by being in his presence. I'm glad I was sitting down when it happened, because it was quite overwhelming.

He is very, very, very powerful as a psychic and something has been done to him or activated in him, whether by synthetic or natural means, to be this way. Of that I have no doubt. 

Laugh if you will, but he was very powerful psychically, and while he was a lovely man, what he activated felt sinister because it was not me driving the car when this occurred. 

Whether he was consciously aware of this or not, I had other opportunities to meet with Duncan after that and have felt it best to decline.

 I wish him nothing but blessings and wellness, but this encounter that he had activated something in the temporal space was strange and uncomfortable. 
The presence of a reptilian (not necessarily negative) appeared behind Duncan when he spoke at parts as well. Of course it was not a full materialization, he was "invisible" to the naked eye, but there was some kind of reptilian guide or mentor or, who knows, slave master,  I can't say definitively, standing behind Cameron at parts of his lecture. 

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