Monday, November 11, 2013

No wonder I was in such a bad mood yesterday.

Solar flares make me crazy, yo. 
And hey- mind the peanut gallery jokes. 
I know I'm an easy target. Be nice.

If you felt like you wanted to jump off a rooftop yesterday, this might have had something to do with it:

Interesting that only within the last ten days or so I was guided to talk about how you can obtain information from the sun to give you psychic and energetic data if you open your third eye. (

It really is accurate to call this a geomagnetic "storm" because that's what it is. 
If it interrupts electronics, is it safe to say that it also interrupts the electrical impulses in the brain as well?

And remember, before you jump off a rooftop (and please don't do that), always, always run this checklist first:

(Quote from Steven Winterburn, often misattributed to William Gibson or Sigmund Freud; must have been some assholes who did that!)


  1. Hi Anya, sorry this isn't a comment on this story. I'm having trouble with the link on the right (PIG Radio interview I did with Aaron McCollum about MILABs). Do you have another link to it.
    Many thanks in advance...

    1. Ok,found your explanation of the missing file on another page so no need to reply. I'll spend an hour or two searching the net. Someone will have uploaded it somewhere. May I take this opportunity to thank you for sharing your experiences even though you probably knew a large number of fools would flame you just for the sakes of it. I hope you find your answers and hopefully a return to a normal life - whatever normal is! I hope I can back you up a some time.
      Thank you...

  2. Colin, hi, and thank you for your interest in the interview with me and Aaron. Unfortunately, Jerry Avalos was the person who had a master copy of the file for the show and it has since disappeared twice off of my blog without explanation- I certainly had nothing to do with it's disappearance. People should direct their inquiries to Jerry, he is on Facebook. It's funny because there are several posts in addition to this interview that have just up and disappeared off my blog without me doing it. One in particular had to do with someone in my social circle who just happened to be a CIA paid informant/narc in exchange for the severe cocaine addiction he nurses. I wonder who could have had a hand in removing that post! Anyway, sorry for the loss of the interview. It is a very important historical document because it has my abductor basically admitting that he abducted me in a MILAB and took me to an underground facility under Harvard University for remote viewing purposes. Aaron personally injected me with CIA manufactured rohypnol (the "date rape" drug, aka "Roofies") and dragged me in a body bag down the stairs into a waiting vehicle. I could never download the file to my computer to my knowledge, but maybe there's a possibility that a file could still on my old one? I don't know. I will try to get it running again and if I find a dedicated file I can upload here to I will, but the interview never seems to be up for long, someone other than me always seems to take it down within a few months or so.

    1. Oh, and if you get a copy of the file, can you please send me one as well? Thanks so much. For some reason, Jerry suddenly wasn't available to resend the file after the second time. Some weird excuse about how he was very busy and "couldn't find it, but knew it was there somewhere"- just was really evasive. It was weird.

    2. Anyone who has an archived recording of this Project Information Generation May (i think?), 2010 or maybe it's 2011 interview with Aaron McCollum and me calling in in the last half hour, please send it to me at: Thanks so much, Anya

  3. Thanks Anya, I'll be sure to download and archive it and let you have a copy if I find it. Up to this point I've had an hours search and found zilch. Some that looked promising made into youtube videos had 0 seconds in them which was strange, quite a few. I'll have a look on the torrent, normally stuff ends up there, but changes in filename are going to make it hard. Pity, I've listened to several hours of you now mostly Miles Johnston ones, but this was the one that really peaked my interest.
    As you know it's pretty simple for someone to come and delete your files thankfully you haven't given up and continue to talk. I'm not sure I'd have the guts.
    All the best.. 'nil carborundum illegitimi'