Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Avicii video kind of seems similar to part of my story. Just sayin'.

Ok the house/pop music version of an aspect of my story. . But the video struck me as eerily similar to things that had happened to me/shown up on my body.

This video is a companion piece to a cross promotional campaign done by the fashion designer Ralph Lauren. Here's the promo still for Avicii with the girl in the video as an RL model as well:

As a "coincidence", I do know a Ralph Lauren model who was literally in one of the last campaigns Ralph Lauren did before this Aviici one. His name is Randy and he is a sweetheart. And he's also a musical Zeta Reticulan with a wicked sense of style, creativity, and humor.

Here's Randy at work on the far right:

Anyway, back to what I was saying:
Not saying Randy's been talking to anybody DIRECTLY about this in the casting dept., but… this vid's theme seems awfully similar to this:

Maybe there was a subliminal transmission placed in the ether to just sorta kinda talk about a video called WAKE ME UP in big capital letters where an Eastern European girl in America with a triangle mark on her arm who is treated like a pariah until she meets others like her with the same mark on their bodies. 
You know, just as it happens every single day of your life. Ahem.

Does this seem hopelessly self-absorbed as a blog post? It probably is. I just thought it was a funny "coincidence". Such is life! 

UPDATE: 11/22/13:

I have since confirmed with Randy that yes in fact he knows Mark Seliger (the photographer and film maker for this vid) very well and has spoken with him/worked with him professionally a lot. 

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